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Ancient Greece

No description

Sarah Clancy

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

When I first saw the book... When I first saw the book You are in Ancient Greece, a picture came to my mind. A staircase with the words and the words "Ancient Greece" on top. The steps that add up to the story. It is like a doorway to a whole new world!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is Ancient Greece! Temples! There are many temples in Greece. You might be wondering why. It's because they have many gods. I will give you some examples: Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysos, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon, Zues...and so on. These are just some of the gods. Wow! pgs 20,27 One of the temples------> Ancient Greece Ancient Greece is an amazing new world for everyone. This topic has always caught my attention. From the stories to the cities...there is always a lot to learn! I hope you have enjoyed this report!! Little bit about Greece... Their breakfast was not really hard to make. They had bread just like us. But bread is a VERY important food for them because it's a diet. For us, it's not important. pg 12
Did you also know that at banquets only men were allowed. No women or children were allowed to come. (pg 13) There is a city called Athens. In Athens, fires were common and it would spread easily because the houses were all close to each other. Now a days you go to museums to see the 1st of an invention but in Athens you can see the 1st fire pump on the their streets! pgs 4,5,8,9,18,20-22,24,25,29 Ancient Greece had gone through many difficulties. Greece has a very interesting history. Like their chitons which everyone wears in Greece. pgs 6,7 (Left) Wars!!!! This war that you see to the left, was the worst war of the Greeks. This was caused when Paris married Helen even though she was supposed to marry King Menelaus. This was the effect.
(Stuff i already knew.) Ancient Greece had their own technology. What I have learned is the technology they created is still used today, such as the fire engine. I want to learn more about them. pg 18 In Ancient Greece they had their own traditions. And they still follow it...
like this food here.----------->>> Like the rest of us, they have traditional food which they celebrate with. (See to the right. That looks tasty!) We should always respect their traditions like how we respect ours. pgs 12,13 Look at this beautiful structure! By:Shalini Saravanan # Welcome to the all new world!!!
Ancient Greece!!!! See this beautiful art-------->
This art was made by the Greeks. They were amazing artists. They had a lot of art hanging around in their buildings. They were very creative. pgs 20,21 Vocabulary 1.Agora (noun) page 8
Definition: Public buildings and shops in center of Ancient Greece towns. 2.Parthenon (Noun) pages 4/29
Definition: Main temple of the goddess Athena built at the Acropolis. 3.Friezes (Noun) page 20
Definition: Painted or sculpted decorative strip on wall.
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