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Water Treatment Plant

No description

Andrew DiFonso

on 11 July 2015

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Transcript of Water Treatment Plant

Group 3: 10 Cool 100 you
Water Treatment Plant
Design Process
Water Treatment Process
Sketch up Design
Design a treatment process to treat Greywater
Create a system to get water to and from LA
Make the plant as energy and cost-effective as possible
4 Parts
Design process
Sketch up Model
3-D Model
Research Paper
Initial Screening
During the process of initial screening, solid and large objects are removed. Solids sink to the bottom of the chamber, then a claw scoops out the waste to another area segregated from the water.
Gravity Chamber
water runs through three layers: coal, gravel, and sand to separate smaller particles
gravel is used for support
After the water runs through, the clean water assembles at the bottom.
filter at output to avoid sand from coming into next chamber
2 tanks
Purpose: Take out solid materials / waste
Chemical Treatment
Bacteria & Chlorine
Results in cleaner potentially drinkable Water!
3D Model / Representation
Used foam boards and cardboard to construct the water tanks
Drew the details of each tank on the outside
have a pipe system running underground because we were able to have two layers in our model
Using Gravity for Energy
for listening
During the final step in the process...
Bacteria in the water breaks down any remaining biological material in the water
Chlorine is added to the water to kill off the bacteria.
During the chemical treatment, water goes through the process of flocculation, cleaning out the unwanted molecular-sized particles.
This is done by adding a coagulant like Ferrous Chloride (FeCl3)
During the design process, we were thinking about the efficiency so we can minimize the cost.
One concept was to have the energy from the flowing water travel through turbines.
Then, the turbines would create power that created a portion of the energy that was necessary to pressurize the water to pump in against the force gravity.
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