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GCSE Welcome 2016

No description

Linda Ashley

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of GCSE Welcome 2016

Video Clip
Art or Crime?
Life on the Wire
learners will be able to discuss Petit’s stunt and gather information from engaging in discussions with their peers.

learners will compare opinions from verbal and media information and construct a plan of ideas.

learners will use their plan of ideas to complete the writing task.
To discuss Petit’s stunt and gather evidence from opinions and a news article to write a short piece of text.
Aims and Objectives

Unit 1
: Writing paper 30%

Unit 2
: Reading paper 30%

60% of the overall qualification
Unit 3
Studying written language 15% (A Christmas Carol)

Using Language: creative writing15%(descriptive 7.5% and narrative 7.5%)

Unit 4
Spoken Language 10%

Speaking and Listening
: Discussion, Role Play and Presentation. (Marked out of 40. It is not included in the final subject award) All students must complete this unit.

Structure of GCSE English Language
GCSE English Language

Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839
The pen is mightier than the sword”
Exam strategies:
paragraphs, confidence in writing (expand on points using your own interpretation, opinion, bias and unbiased structure.
: check for coherence, relevance, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
Use your plan of ideas to structure your work:

Conclusion/summary of ideas
Write a short piece of text on Petit’s stunt.
Task 2
Create a plan of ideas to use to write a short piece of text giving your opinion on Petit’s stunt.
Read the news article ‘Life on the Wire’
Discuss in your groups Petit’s stunt and your views on if it was a crime or art.
Task 1
(10 mins)
Pick up a snowball and read out the information about a member of the group.
Make a snowball , turn around and throw to the middle of the floor.
Snowball-write down two things about yourself on the paper provided.
Getting to Know You
You are going to see some of the different media coverage of the illegal high-wire and decide whether it was ‘art’ or ‘a crime’ that Philippe carried out.
In 1968 French street performer Philippe Petit pulled off the ‘the artistic crime of the century’ by performing a high-wire walk between the North and South towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.
Exam preparation
Term 5 April-May
Term 4 Feb-March
Creative Writing : two assessments using English language creatively to engage the reader and sustain their interest.

Descriptive Writing Assessment:
write a text describing a scene. (45mins)

Narrative Writing Assessment:
write a short story(1hr 15 mins)

Speaking and Listening
: Discussion and Role Play
Term 3 Jan-Feb
What will you be studying?
Understanding Written Text
A Christmas Carol
t- timed written assessment (2 hrs)

Speaking and listening:
Presentation of a character from the novel
Half-term 2 –Oct -Dec
Term 1 Sept-Oct
What will you be studying?
Skills to Succeed
contextual understanding
critical thinking
Link and discuss
speaking clearly and concisely
confidence in writing
reading and understanding texts
planing assignments to gain full marks
assured knowledge of grammar, punctuation and topic
confident analysis
Confident explanation
proof -reading
Exam Preparation:
Reading and Writing paper

Mock Exam
Reading Skills

Speaking and Listening
listening attentively
presenting ideas
adapting language for audience and purpose

Reflect-What we should have learned:

An overview of the GCSE English course.

A discussion on the stunt of Philip Petit.

Complete a reading and writing assessment.

Complete any outstanding work.

Try the spelling quiz on VLE, GCSE English.
This can be found on your Student Portal
(You have until Friday 17:00 to complete it)

Good Luck :)

Spoken Language
: researching and analysing how spoken language is used in different contexts, how it is adapted for different listeners and the effects of choices of the use of standard and non-standard forms of spoken language.

-timed written assessment( 2hrs)

Mock exam
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