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UC Supervisor Competencies (11/2013 - v.03)

Short presentation using a tree metaphor to show the supervisor competencies under development at the University of California Office of the President, for review and future systemwide use.

Corey Welch

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of UC Supervisor Competencies (11/2013 - v.03)

Results Planning and Implementation
Defining and Delegating Work
Setting Goals and Quality/Customer Service Standards
Organizing and Facilitating Meetings
Developing Metrics, Team Systems, and Processes for Continuous Improvement
Assessing Team Success and Addressing Problems
Managing Performance
Managing Budget and Resources
UC Core and Supervisor Competencies
Inclusive and Safe Workplace
Developing High Performance Teams
Developing an Inclusive and Safe Workplace
Assuring Compliance with all Legal and UC Policy Requirements
Managing People
Defining Position Roles and Requirements
Interviewing and Selection
Onboarding New Employees
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Developing Employees
Conducting Performance Appraisals
Motivating, Recognizing, and Rewarding Employees
Managing Corrective and Other Personnel Actions within Multi-Union, Staff/Academic, and Complex System/Local Process Environment
Leadership Vision and Planning
Developing and Using Organizational Acumen
Translating Leadership Strategies into Team Plans
Influencing, Communicating, and Presenting Effectively
Making Timely and Ethical Supervision Decisions
Developing Financial and Resource Plans
Managing Change and Cultivating Adaptability and Resiliency

UC Organization Mission and Vision
Systemwide Goals and Strategies
Location/Campus Goals and Strategies
UC Core Competencies
Diversity and Inclusion
Employee Engagement
Innovation and Change Management
Job Mastery and Continuous Learning
Resource Management
Results Orientation and Execution
Service Focus
Teamwork and Collaboration
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