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No description

Alexandra Kim

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Relationships

Ideal Relationships
By: Alexandra, Danae and Vidhi

Sampling Methods
- Divided into each grade
- Equal number of students from each grade
• Providing accurate results for every grade instead of high school students as a whole

Convenience sample:
Voluntary-response sample:
Stratified sample:
- Chose to survey classrooms where teachers were aware
• More convenient
• Less time-consuming

- Volunteers to fill out survey
• More enthusiastic/truthful answers resulting to more accurate results

Whether the stereotypes are true or not
Males & females perspective
What people in our age group think about relationships?
- Void for those that are 14 years old
- Age groups instead of grades
Only surveyed gr. 9's - 12's
- No choice but to omit gr.10's
- Open questions that weren't answered accordingly
- Originally supposed to survey all age groups
• Ended up only surveying gr. 9's-12's
- Some questions not answered accordingly/appropriately
• Omitted particular's input to question
- Group member that dropped course
• All of gr.10's surveys had to be omitted

Open-ended questions, for questions 14 and 15, 35% of respondents did not complete these questions correctly
- That our results will conclude that:
• Men are shallow beings
• Women are “gold-diggers”
- A survey will then be conducted; total of 100 males and females will take part
- These questions will consist of what kinds of attributes are important to each individual of both sexes

Adjust to reflect the possibilities of those that we surveyed
Have grades choices instead of age brackets
Limit options of current relationship status
Have all collected data kept together
Possibly change up the open questions
Mean: 4
Median: 4
Mode: 5
S.D: 2.9
Linear Regression Model:
Correlation Coefficient:

Coefficient of Determination:
Voluntary Response Bias:
Participants wanted to be surveyed people who did not participate may have had different opinions
Surprisingly, 65% of males look more for personality than physical attractiveness
However, over 30% of males still chose the butt or the boobs as most appealing physical features
On average, 70% of females consider financial status important whereas almost 60% of males do not

Mean: 7
Median: 8
Mode: 6
S.D: 2.6
Minimum: 0
Lower quartile: 5
Median: 7
Upper quartile: 9
Maximum: 10
Relevant Background
Men’s Top 3 “Must Haves” in a Relationship:
- Person is someone I can trust & confide in – 63%
- Treats me with respect – 57%
- Physically attractive to me – 40%

Women’s Top 3 “Must Haves” in a Relationship:
- Person is someone I can trust & confide in – 77%
- Treats me with respect – 84%
- Has a sense of humor/makes me laugh – 58%

Jayson, Sharon:
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