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j372 Project Asian Americans New Media

Media Deconstruction Project

Joanie Simms

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of j372 Project Asian Americans New Media

Asian representation on youtube by: Joanie Simms
April 27, 2010
J372 Spring 2010
Eisenstock The Top 5 asian actors in film EVER are: Only one is an Asian AMERICAN Today, through the internet And "User-Generated Content" like youtube... We can represent ourselves

through our own unique talents. impacting the Asian American culture and all were at one point action movie stars Let's look at Wong Fu Productions Phil, Ted and Wes created "Wong Fu Productions" in 2003
while attending UC San Diego. They were making before the time of youtube... "viral" videos Today through youtube, their channel gets as many as

and has 4 MILLION VIEWS A DAY 200,000 SUBSCRIBERS The online landscape has a heavy "yellow" influence and presence. much different from the television landscape
often portrayed in
regulatory roles, and though they may be in respectory roles stereotyped role such as a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or "bad guy". though shows like "Heroes" and "Glee"
are breaking the white playing field on television. On YouTube, Asian Americans are creating a culture for a thirsty audience... Like wong fu productions, kevjumba, a youtube video blogger has over

and close to 24 MILLION VIEWS 1 million subscribers. he even has a charity channel "JumbaFund"
that raises about $ a month from video views. these asian americans have recognized the agenda
media set through television... So, they became the

that their audience could
with... role models identify and be

to the action...

vicariously reinforced
imitate ...believing that they have the

to do what their
are doing. self-efficacy Asian americans are dispelling their label of "kung fu masters" by taking it upon themselves...

And now the mainstream media is playing catch-up,
filling in the time lag... thank you. asian actors are casted primarily in Secondary reoccuring
or non-reoccuring roles. where asian representation is
close to zero percent. they are still a ...and took it upon themselves to become
content creators. Setting their own agenda. creating representation elsewhere
that was absent in mainstream media kevjumba was featured on a local sacramento news station about his success as a youtube "star". and wong fu productions not only got featured on a bay area multicultural station, Ktsf... looks like we're finally getting cool points
from being in the "av club". role models ...An audience of peers. Other Second+ generation Asian Americans. $1,000 they are now the creators and stars of their own media content. but got featured on cnn twice in 2009.
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