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Industrial Revolution Project

No description

Donovan Hernandez

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution Project

Industrial Revolution The Birth of Life-Changing Inventions Many inventions that were made during the industrial revolution were perfected and are still used today. The telephone was one of the most important and influential inventions made during that time. the reasons why it was so important were:
Improve communication between states.
Lines between Boston, Massachusetts to New York
Led to transmission of video images and display telephones
Eventually, idea grew to be known as the Information Superhighway (a.k.a The Internet) The technology of the telephone, which evolved into the internet, help us today in many different ways.
Help us communicate better with others.
Help us get information that we need
Helped my group finish this presentation. Thomas Edison and the Lightbulb The lightbulb is another invention made during the Industrial Revolution that we still use today.
First Lightbulb was an incandescent lightbulb.
Lit by heating a filament (thin strip of material) with electricity until it glows.
Took Edison thousands of tries to get it to work.
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent Perspiration" Thomas Edison The lightbulb that Edison made was perfected and is now used everywhere around the globe at all times.
Lights up work places, which increases working hours.
Lights up everything for everyday use.
Household necessity.
Used to light up this very classroom. Eli Whitney
Musket with Interchangeable parts The musket created by Eli Whitney started a revolution of manufacturing. His idea was to make a standard of parts that would fit with any model.
Easier and cheaper to make a larger amount of parts.
Better for replacement, maintenance, and fixing.
System went worldwide. Others incorporated idea (Sewing, typing, automobile, etc.) Since Eli made this way of manufacturing everything changed. Other people started thinking of other ways to improve it even more.
Better ways to improve weapon efficiency and power
People started to see who can have the strongest gun out there. Affects us because we make a very large amount of weaponry every year
Same system is still used today. The Diesel Engine
By Rudolf Diesel Rudolf Diesel's Engine revolutionized the way people got power for their businesses. This was a much cleaner and better way.
Diesel Engine had combustion of fuel inside a cylinder.
In a lab accident, he proved fuel could explode.
The diesel Engine was used to power electric and water plants for business. The diesel engine, since it was so successful, is still used till this day.
Used to power trucks, which transport products from long distances
Powers marine crafts that can transport people/products internationally. The Wright Brothers and
The Airplane The Wright Brothers had a very unique idea at the time. For men to fly. The had some trouble while building their designs, but it was all worth it. Their ideas came from watching birds fly in the sky.
Went through a lot of problems to get it to work.
After getting a design to sustain flight, they added a motor to keep it in flight. Named it Flyer
Flyer weighed around 700 pounds.
After more revisions, Flyer 2 took a couple passengers.
After some flights, an accident happened and a passenger died. The Telephone
By Alexander Graham Bell Even though the The idea was so revolutionary that the government bought the Flyer 2. Eventually, the design was improved and it is how we see it now.
Airplanes have massively increased in size and traveling distances.
Can carry not just many passengers, but their luggage.
Able to transport products and materials to a destination far away. Henry Ford and the
Model T 12 Ford Assembly line Ford's assembly Henry's idea revolutionized a newer, more efficient and faster way to produce automobiles. But he didn't just come up with this idea. This came from Eli Whitney's idea. To cheaply make many pieces that are exactly the same.
He did this to have one model of cars to suit everyone.
Better for employees. One employee had one duty, instead of one employee many duties.
Automobiles helped cities have more business, and become more urban. This new way of making things grew so much that everyone was doing it. Eventually, it evolved to what we know it as today.
Cars were able to be made faster and time could be used on other things.
Others incorporated this idea, and products could be made much faster.
Cars evolved into the models made today. The Industrial Revolution changed the lives of the people that experienced it, but it also affects our everyday lives today. We might not see them, but we know what they are. Their origins aren't as clear as other inventions, but they did dramatically affect our lives. The way we communicate with each other, travel, and the way we live our lives.
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