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Ender's Game

Novel Anlysis

Nick Schiele

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card Ender's Game Coach Schiele Ender's Game takes place years into the future. Most of the plot occurs on Earth and in outer space at the Battle School and Eros. Setting The Battle School composes of army barracks with rows of bunk beds, dining halls decorated with scoreboards, and battle rooms that zero-gravity battles take place in. Battle School Command School is located in Eros, a place built by Buggers with low ceilings, narrow passages, sloping floors and low gravity. Eros On Earth, the setting begins in a typical suburban neighborhood, but changes to a large house secluded by forests and lakes located in North Carolina. Earth With the different settings of the book, the author creates a tense and sometimes gloomy mood because of the military setting. Mood Andrew "Ender" Wiggin Main Character The main protagonist of this novel is Andrew Wiggin who is most commonly known as Ender. Ender is a kind, compassionate, and forgiving child, but has the ability to kill. He detests and is frightened of this unnerving capability. Personality In a two-child policy government, Ender's parents gets permission to have a third child, when his promising siblings showed to be too ruthless or kindhearted. "Third" Ender Wiggin is a genius among geniuses. He is a quick learner and is able to command any fleet to victory, but is easy to manipulate. Intellect Ender goes through a Man vs. Society conflict and a Man vs. Self conflict. Conflict Aliens called "Buggers" invaded Earth in the First and Second Invasions. The government is looking for suitable children to train for the Third Invasion. Man vs. Society Supposedly the "perfect" candidate to command the invasion, Ender is worked to the point of breaking down to get to his full potential. Miles away from home, Ender is lonely and depressed. He must make an important decision that may save the world while battling against his feelings. Man vs. Self Ender loves his sister but is fearful of his brother, the teachers at the Battle School uses these feelings to manipulate him. Plot The novel Ender's Game faces two main conflicts, both an external and internal one. Conflict/Resolution The Buggers are coming and many people believe that Ender's their only hope. He has to command the fleet to victory, otherwise Earth may be destroyed. External Ender doesn't want to command the fleet, he hates his ability to kill, but if he doesn't make his decision fast, everyone including Valentine might die. Internal By manipulating and deceiving him, the teachers get Ender to make a decision that ends up bringing victory to the humans. Resolution The tone of the book is serious, there is little humor. This is shown in the next quote. Tone Ender's siblings are geniuses, they were candidates for becoming commander in the Third Invasion, until Peter proved to be too brutal and Valentine, too nice. The government then allows his parents to have a third child, Ender proved to be the perfect mix of violence and compassion. At age six, Ender is sent off to Battle school, where he must withstand everything that the teachers throw at him, from isolation to bullying. Ender rises up in the ranks of the soldiers and is sent to Command School, but he is driven to the point of exhaustion and insanity. Realizing that they all want him to command the Third Invasion, Ender makes a drastic decision at the last minute. Dink tells Ender that the teachers are the enemies by using the children and making it seem like the winning the game is everything. "'It’s the teachers, they’re the enemy. They get us to fight each other, to hate each other.'" The quote demonstrates how the games makes everyone competitive. The children become rivals and don't show any humor. Even though most of the characters in the book are merely children, everything seems staid, and there is little lightheartedness. Theme Genre: Science-Fiction '"The game is everything. Win win win. It amounts to nothing.’” (pg. 108) One main theme of this book is Game Versus Reality. For Example, Game versus Reality is displayed when Ender finds a place built by Buggers depicting a fantasy game that he used to play.
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