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Impact of 9/11

No description

Liam Earl

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Impact of 9/11

The aftermath of the event that made America stand still.
Impacts on the economy, national security, society and the induced war. Attacks of 9/11 Economic effects of 9/11 Tourism crashed in New york after 9/11
A lot of jobs where lost in this sector
The hotel occupancy after the Attacks plummeted Tourism Stock exchange markets all over the world were closed.
Banks around the world closed for the day.
Insurances lost a lot of money because of the attacks. Immediately after the attack, thousands of flights were grounded.
Some airlines went bankrupt after the attacks.
The government provided a10 billion dollar aid, but even that was not enough Air travel 9/11 Led to the war in Afghanistan because the United States wanted to dismantle Al-Qaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden and remove the Taliban from power. The USA also invaded Iraq to take Saddam Hussein out of power because he continued to sponsor terrorism and kill tens of thousands of his own people, they also thought he had weapons of mass destruction. Impact of 9/11 In the Middle East and Around the World As a result of the still ongoing war in the Middle East, according to costofwar.com the total cost of wars since 2001 is $1,437,852,300,000 and climbing. As a result of 9/11, terrorist organizations became more active and less afraid of attacking.
The FBI reports that a significant increase in the number of terrorist attacks and threats around the world Madrid Bombings The U.S Transportation Security Administration TSA
John.S.Pistole, administration
The Aviation and transportation security act Before 9/11 Only had to show ID once
Allowed to bring sharp objects (e.g box cutters, sharp scissors)
The pilots were not allowed to carry a gun
Family and friends could accompany you to the gate After 9/11 ID at every check point
No sharp objects
Shoes must be removed
All baggage scanned
No liquids (100ml)
Arrive two hours before
occasionally pat downs, revealing body scans and small-scale strip down. How did the terrorist do it? 19 terrorists
Box cutters
pilots on Flight 93
Fake bombs The Madrid attacks were targeted on public Trains

These bombings were the first time attacks were focused on not just western targets such as New York

Impact of this created a realization of danger throughout the World

These attacks along with the London Subway bombings raised the issue of how the European Union should prepare and prevent future attacks this put fear into not just americans but people all over the world Social Impacts unsafe
lost trust negative stereotypes
increase in racism post-traumatic stress disorder On September 11th two passenger airplanes, American Airlines Flight 11 and united Airlines Flight 175 were hijacked by the terrorist organization known as al-Qaeda and crashed into the north and south twin towers
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