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Tone Words

No description

Kate Markowski

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Tone Words

Tone Words
-List One

Tone Words

Text Book- Adjective meaning friendly, sociable and generally pleasant

Real People- AIM to be friendly and pleasant

Examples- "-Rose, whom I adored, sitting against me in the hot musty velvet luxury of the car's interior, the click of the gravel on its undercarriage, the sensation of the car swimming in the rutted road,the farms passing every minute, reduced from vastness to insignificance by our speed; the unaccustomed sense of leisure..."(Smiley,5)
Text Book- Adjective-coming from an official source or from an appropriate authority

Real People- Authoritarian Regime is a form of government that focuses on political power in an authority and is not responsible to the citizens. Appropriate authority comes from that Government.

Examples- "So that whatever some have imagined and pretended about Promises made to natural Men’s earnest seeking and knocking, 'tis plain and manifest that whatever Pains a natural Man takes in Religion, whatever Prayers he makes, till he believes in Christ, God is under no manner of Obligation to keep him a Moment from eternal Destruction.." (Edwards, 11)
Text Book- Adjective meaning unruffled, unexcited, to not be stressed when it would be acceptable to be

Real People- Chill and relaxed

Examples- " I sat down on the chair in front of the table where there were nurses' reports hung on clips at the side and looked out of the window. I could see nothing but the dark and the rain falling across the light from the window. So that was it. the baby was dead." (Hemingway, pg. 327)
Text Book- Adjective for feeling compassion

Real People-Kindhearted and Tender

Examples- "I wish my Sun may never set, but burn Within the Cancer of my glowing breast, The welcome house of him my dearest guest. Where ever, ever stay, and go not thence, Till nature's sad decree shall call thee hence; Flesh of thy flesh, bone of thy bone, I here, thou there, yet both but one." (Bradstreet)
Text Book- Adjective meaning of or relating to a compliment

Real People- Complimentary=Compliment

Examples- " Harold didn't have as much land as my father, but he farmed it efficiently, and has prospered for as many years as my father as my had" (Smiley, pg. 17)
Text Book- Verb meaning to cause to laugh or smile

Real People- making someone laugh, being amiable

Example-"They asked me if we would declare war on Turkey. I said that was doubtful. Turkey, I said, was our national bird..."(Hemingway, 75)
Text Book- Adjective display of enjoyment or gratitude

Real People-The APPerance of gratefulness

Examples- "There would be no one to live for during those coming years; she would live for herself. There would be no powerful will bending her..."(Chopin, 419)
Text Book- Adjective meaning well wishing, friendly, and organized to do good for other people

Real People- Think of Benvolio who's name literally means "well-wisher"

Examples- " Old Miss Watson died two months ago, and she was ashamed she ever was going to sell him down the river, and said so; and she set him free in her will." (Twain, 303)

Text Book- Adjective meaning bold, courageous, or mastering fear

Real people- Brave Heart- Boldness, courage, and every aspect of being brave comes from the "heart"...or within?

Examples- "I saw this as my afterlife, and for a long time it didn't occur to me that it contained a future."(Smiley,334)
Text Book- Adjective meaning happy and good humored

Real People- To ACTUALLY be happy and not just show it like "cheery"

Examples- "My head, my heart, mine eyes, my life, nay more, My joy, my magazine, of earthly store,
If two be one, as surely thou and I..."(Bradstreet)

Text Book- Adjective showing cheerfulness and promoting lightheartedness

Real People- Morning Teachers- showing and promoting cheerfulness, but that doesn't mean they are...

Examples-"You beat time on my head
With a palm caked hard by dirt,
Then waltzed me off to bed
Still clinging to your shirt.(Roethke,589)

Text Book- Adjective meaning SELF-assured

Real People- to have SELF confidence you are SELF assured

Example- "Oh how I long to be at rest
and soare on high among the blest.
This body shall in silence sleep
Mine eyes no more shall ever weep
No fainting fits shall me assaile
nor grinding paines my body fraile
Wth cares and fears ne'r cumbred be
Nor losses know, nor sorrowes see..."(Bradstreet)
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