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The parts of speech

No description

wayne crittenden

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of The parts of speech

parts of speech
Project requirements
christopher columbus


purpose & method of TX settlements
Columbus (
) led the race to explore and colonize.

Pineda (
first to observe and map Texas
Narvaez (
) sent to conquer the land between Florida and Mexico unfortunately many died in a hurricane
Cabeza de vaca and Estevanico (
two surivors of narvaez expedition, de vaca wrote journal that told ledgend's of the city's of gold.
Rancisco vasquez de vaca (
) sent to find the city's of gold but only found adobe houses.
Herando de soth (
) discovered the missippi river
La salle * sailed the mississippi and claimed the land, established fort (st. louis)
The areas of tx settlement was a grand area.
There were alot of plains and acres that people
would move to tx to buy becasue it was
alot of land and very cheap the building
would be mostly used for deals and to
buy cheap land and there would be little
huts and/or home that people would live in.
Just like how cabeza de vaca
walked all the way from florida to tx the plains were very old.
The picture represents how the people would settle across tx BY:Vishan Gowcaran
project requirment #1
columbus wasnt the first to discover the americans his voagage led to a race toe xplore and colonize the americans
cortez conquired the aztecs and took teasure to spain.
pineda was the one to map the texas coast.narves was sent to explore flordia and mexico he had 300 men and they were killed by a hurrican.
caveza de vaca wote the journals of life in texas,first european to set foot in texas,he was helped by karankaws,traveled threw tx met then spain.
friar marcos sent to cobola 7 cites of gold , esten vico scout killed by 2uni tribe,marcos returned with tale seen gold,really adope house tiguas of jumanous most likely,his tale spurred more exploration.cornado searched for cibola found abobe house.moscoso took over de soto and first to explore north america, and confirmed there are no cites of gold and esaplish tx in 1685.
stephen f austin was the first and most succesful of all empresarios.his father had this dream to bring 300 familes to tx but he died so austins dad told austin to complete his dream. austin did complete his dad dream by giving the 300 familes a LOT OF LAND.
la salle was a french expolre sent by king louis to travel south from canada and sail down the missippi river to the gulf of mexico By:Jordan jaykus

1.)The city of gold was never found. After the 3g's never found any treasure in Texas, Spain lost their interest in east Texas. They decided to establish missions to not only occupy the land but to also spread Christianity to the native 3g's. the 3g's started rumors on Cibola(the city of gold). Spain success and colonization led to other european nations exploration and colonization in the case of the English and the original 13 colonies of the united states. Spain would the settle in Mexico and Texas to provide them with their early history and lasting culture. Spanish explorers didn't find the riches they sought in north America, but their search brought them to present day Mexico.
visual representation
slide # 2- timeline of significant people,dates,events, and issues. - Alex .N
slide # 4
The visual representation
By: Alex Njoroge

Steven F. Austin
slide #6 sofia .
1824- constitution of mexico
3 G's
purpose of tx settlement spanish
conquistador and missions
slide#5 wayne.c
purpose & method of tx settlement (mexican) - Purpose: to setlle the land, farm and build towns,cities, and roads to make Mexico a better country
- Method: the main method was using land grant systems like the Empresrio Grant
slide #3 project requirment #1 by jordan jaykus
By: Wayne Crittenden
Moses and Stephen F. Austin - put aside his wishes for a legal career and went to texas to fulfill his father's dying wish .stephen brought 300 families known as "The Old 300" in 1821.
Green Dewitt-is often viewed as the second most important empresario.
martin de leon :as the only empresario who was a native of mexico ,matin de leon was also very succesful sponsor.
lorenzo de zavala : he was a tejano , a mexican born in texas .settled 500 families and held important positions in mexico .
haden edwards: large grants in east texas for financing some of austin deals .
sofia basurto magallanes
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