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Share Your Story

How to entertain and share findings from your research paper.

Elise Thrash

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Share Your Story

Share Your Story
your audience is going to learn
about you and your studies
Entertain your audience!
Pictures can be found at www.flickr.com
limit your search to *CREATIVE COMMONS to see the images that are free to share!
Even with Creative Commons, you must give credit to the Source
My Name
May 2011

Works Cited

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For historical images, search Life Magazine archives at images.google.com/hosted/life
Create a STUDENT account using your school email address and remember your password
Sketch or think through a design for an overall canvas image
Save image, audio, and video files to your computer before putting them into your Prezi
Images and text can always be manipulated
I learned about eating well
eating good is good for you
people who don't eat meat are vegetarians
I enjoyed learning about food
food keeps you alive
Not This!
*a place to share
*** MY PAPER: yes, cite your research paper first!
We're doing our research!
Note Cards!
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