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Lucy Ryan CV

Curriculum Vitae - This is me.

Lucy Ryan

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Lucy Ryan CV

Lucy Ryan
Curriculum Vitae
My Strengths
1. Achiever
2. Belief
3. Competition
4. Positivity
4.1 Sense of Humour
5. Maximiser
What I do...
Short Term Goals
Personal Statement

What is important to me in an employer?

Ideally my employer would:
Contact Details
Clifton Strength Finders
Driven to get the job done
Head Girl, Waimea College | Nelson
Satisfaction from accomplishment
Sporto (Athlete) - Hockey & Netball
NMIT China Scholarship Recipent
Possession of strong Belief themes
Core values that endure
"Success is more than
money and prestige"
"Work must be
it must matter
to me"
Invigoration from competition
Competing to win
Positivity :
Ability to influence culture
"I am generous with praise, quick to smile, and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation".
"It is good to be alive, work can be fun, and that no matter what the setbacks, one must never lose one’s sense of humour!"
Excellence, not average
"Strengths: Whether others or my own. I feel compelled to nurture it, refine it, and stretch it toward excellence".
Making the most out of every situation
Playing Sport - Netball, Touch Rugby & Hockey
Watching Sport - Too many to list!
Cook & Bake - Love food!
Spending time with family & friends
Shopping... Love shoes!
To pay off my student loan
Save for a house deposit
To gain wisdom to accompany my current knowledge
To explore the wide world
Buy more shoes...
Similar work values
Represents a brand I am proud to be apart of
Positive & Healthy culture
Invested in me
Provide on job training
Offer opportunities to learn and upskill
Offer an opportunity to bare the load & be part of the team
Lea Boodee
onCue Conferences - Employer
"In the course of her employment Lucy worked with a wide variety of conference and event clients and committees. She relates well to a variety of people and always has built a very good rapport with our clients. Lucy has always been a well liked and respected staff member. Moreover, Lucy is an astute and clear thinker and an accomplished communicator.

I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Lucy to any organisation or company, in the certainty that she will do well in any field she chooses to work in. Her experience in a wide variety of roles and with a wide skill base will make her a highly desirable employee".
Les Edwards
Tasman Rugby Union - Employer
"Lucy Ryan has been engaged by Tasman Rugby Union is manage our 2012 ITM Cup social media campaign. To date the campaign is a huge success, driven in the main by Lucy’s understanding of Facebook and Twitter, and how to engage people through her creativity. I can already say “I recommend Lucy 100%”.
David King
Bliss Marketing Ltd - Former Business Partner
“Lucy and I worked together in Bliss Marketing Ltd, a company that we co-owned together. In the several years that we worked together, Lucy was brilliant to work with and I would certainly recommend her.

Lucy is a self starter that doesn't need to be motivated to get the job done. She has a determination to be successful in everything she decides to do and follows the job through till completion, not to mention that is always to the highest standards. Whilst working with Lucy on various projects I was pleased to have her innovative mind and her unrelenting work ethic. I believe that Lucy's own mix of professionalism, determination, adaptability and personal integrity are the things makes Lucy the success that she is.

I would highly recommend Lucy to all potential employers. Trust me, she's the person you want working for you".
Melissa Laing
Star Early Learning - Former Client
"Lucy was very passionate about seeing my business succeed to its full potential. She was also very knowledgeable on what would work and what wouldn't. She was great at listening to my ideas and preferences, and was then able to make suggestions on how to make things work better for my business"
[Covert recording of my excitement after the Tasman Makos Score a try in their Semi Final efforts in the ITM Cup]
I have recently graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Admin (Marketing) and with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing & Management (A average). During this time I have undertaken an internship with the Tasman Rugby Union running their social media, worked for onCue Conferences & Events and as a self employed Marketing Consultant. These opportunities have provided experience in numerous industries but also given me a valuable and transferable skill set. I am looking to secure a full time position in a marketing role where I can add value and gain further experience.
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