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Hotel Presentation

Hotel Presentation

Cory Dyer

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of Hotel Presentation

Hotel Presentation
Chemical delivery and dosage
Local Supply
and Support

Space Industries has been involved in the design and manufacture of commercial quality cleaning products since 1979 and has the technical expertise and know how to provide top quality solutions for even the most demanding of applications
iChem New Zealand Ltd
iChem is our chosen technology partner for the design, installation and implementation of all chemical delivery and dosing systems for Housekeeping, Food & Beverage and On Premise Laundry. Through iChem, we can provide the most cost effective and robust delivery solutions available today.
PCI Fiji Partnership
Our Chosen Fiji partner. PCI Fiji brings 25 years of proven service and technical expertise to the party. With 3 full time technical representatives, PCI Fiji is ideally placed to provide the necessary back up and service demanded by today's hospitality providers
Multiple Cycle
Cold Wash
90 degree
Peroxide Sanitation
Stepped temperature
and chemical
changes program
Optional Sodium Hypochlorite
Sanitation Cycle
Reducing Energy Costs
Specialised Manufacturer
Front of House
Cleaning & Sanitising
Portion ControlDispensing
Air Fresheners
Glass, Chrome and Tile cleaners
Bath, Shower & Toilet Cleaners
Automatic Dosing Systems
Liquids and Powders
Spotters and Stain Removers
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