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Should access to healthy food be right for everyone?

No description

diego muñoz

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Should access to healthy food be right for everyone?

Should access to healthy food be right for everyone?
By Diago and Lamya `
1. hydrogenated
Group work
Its relationship with our Countries

Why unhealthy food is cheap?
Subsidies ( lowered the prices of certain crops)
Group Work
“Some say that food choices fall under the realm of personal responsibility; according to this view, what we buy and eat is a choice, and individuals should be responsible for making healthier food choices.”

“Others argue that healthy food choices should be available to everyone and not just those with means; according to this view, people shouldn’t have to choose between healthful food and medicine, for example, and the farm subsidy system should be restructured to provide healthier foods for all.”
Its relationship with our Countries
we buy fruits and vegetables at low price from places other than the supermarket
3.Animal feed
2.High-fructose corn syrup
3.75SR = 1$
2.450P = $1
Think of solution that families could buy healthy food and save money
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