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I12 Unit 11 H.E.R.

The Impact of Art

Hugo Elliot

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of I12 Unit 11 H.E.R.

Have you ever seen anything like the items pictured?
Why do you think people create them?
At an end your rule is.
Good relations with the Wookies, I have.
Everyday, I water the plants.
I water the plants everyday.
The most delicious finger foods, she served.
She served the most delicious finger foods.
Many things for the house, I bought today.
I bought many things for the house today.
1. I'm going to the park after class.
2. I'll be free in the afternoon.
3. The robbers ran out of the bank.
4. He wrote her number on a small piece of paper.
5. The apple is next to the fridge.
6. We went to the stadium.
We went to the stadium.
To the stadium
was where
we went.
we went
to the stadium.
How important or necessary are zoos and art museums in big cities?
Should all cities make these places available for their citizens?
Is there a place in Lima that has special memories for you, such as a place where you played as a child or hung out with friends?
What sites would you put on an audio tour of your city?
Imagine that you want to serve as an Arts Ambassador for Peru.
Complete the application.
Write a cover letter for your application
Include examples of fronted speech.
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