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How did geography affect the major events throughout history

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Morgan Humphrey

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of How did geography affect the major events throughout history

How did geography affect the major events throughout history?
The Trail of Tears
President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act forcing the Cherokee Indians off of their land. When they had to move west the Indians followed a path called the 'Trail of Tears'. The harsh land was the reason many of the Native Americans died from the journey, including the fact that they had to begin this difficult trek during the harsh winter. If the land had
been easier to maneuver then perhaps
not as many Indians would have died.
Valley Forge
During the American Revolution Valley Forge
was a training camp, run by George Washington,
for the Continental Army. Many of the soldiers
in the camp died because of the harsh winter
they had to endure. The unforgiving environment gave the soldiers many diseases. A lot of the soldiers fled the camp do to the cruel living conditions. If the land had been better then maybe not as many troops would have died during their time at Valley Forge.
Southern Economy
The conflict of slavery was a big deal during the Civil War. One of the main reasons slavery was even need in the south was the for the great demand for cotton. The reason cotton was ever even grown there was because of the geographical features of the south. If the southern land had not been good for farming cotton then slaves might not have been needed in the south.
Geographical Features
Land features and weather have great impacts on the major events in history. Many things would not have happened if the geography had not been how it was when the events occurred. Land affects many outcomes in United States history.
Geography affected the United States in many ways. Many major events were cause by the land and certain events would not have happened without it.
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