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(32) Nation States and Bubonic Plague

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Mrs. Aiello

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of (32) Nation States and Bubonic Plague

The Bubonic Plague
"The Black Death"
It was carried by fleas that traveled on rats. It spread to Europe from Asia by trade.

The unsanitary conditions of the Dark Ages created the disease to spread at a rapid rate and incubated the bacteria
It killed 1/3 of the population in Europe- partially due to overpopulated cities that allowed for the disease to spread

-It led to a labor shortage.
-It disrupted trade..
-Towns were freed from their feudal obligations..
-It led to a decline in the influence of the church..
What is the Bubonic Plague?
A disease passed to humans from fleas found on rodents. The plague bacteria is in their system. A Person then becomes infected when the flea bites them.

The bacteria called Yesinia pestis
Symptoms of the Plague:
Flea bites become Buboes
In Medieval Times, the Buboes became black because a bruise like coloring (blood under skin) covered the Buboes--> BLACK PLAGUE
Incubates in 2-8 days after being bitten by flea
Bacteria travels to Lymph nodes near bite
Patients feel high fever, chills and painful swelling of lymph nodes
Swelling may reach the size of an egg in 1-2 days
Without antibiotics, death occurs in 3-6 days
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