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Robot Won

No description

Ryan Messick

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Robot Won

Team Won: Robot Design
Our Team

Edward Li (EE)
Morgan Monzingo (CompE)
Ryan Messick (ME)
Shelby Kehr (CSE)
Daniel Franjac (CSE)
Michael Brigham (EMIS)
Jackson Kleinert (ME)

Problems & Challenges
find, test and remediate the water
manipulate the ping-pong balls
being able to find/cross the bridge

To find water:
Programming coordinates
To test water:
Dip a sensor in the water
To get ping pong balls:
Track and PVC Pipe
To find bridge:
infrared sensor to follow a line on the bridge
To remediate the water:
Tip and dispense balls in PVC pipe.

Color sensors to locate different dispensers
Soccer ball:
Angled arm to knock it down
Clean and cool design
Team Functioning
The Good
Roles and initiative
Work on
Time commitment

Two drive wheels and caster wheels must make contact with the ground and maintain traction
Rack and pinion system moves efficiently and attachment bracket to motor and body is sturdy
rack is able to rise ~6 in.
Ball catcher reliably receives balls from dispensers
Salinity and turbidity probes are able to reach the water in the well
Ball track brings the remediating balls from catcher to holder without dropping them
~8 in. long, angled so that ball rolls into tube
HL Architectural Design
Electrical Diagram
Mechanical Layout Side View
Mechanical Layout Top View
UML Activity Diagram
CAD Renderings
Assembly Side/Bottom View
Assembly Front View
Assembly Angle View
Essential cont.
Release flap on end of ball holder is sturdy and releases balls on cue
rotates 90 degrees to open and closetube holds up to 8 balls
Sensor array maintains reasonable accuracy at angles of tilt
Robot components maintain rigidity and do not deform under reasonable pressure
~5 lbs of force from possible soccer ball impact
Battery holds enough charge to complete the task
at least 15-20 minutes
Design is compact and efficient
no wider than ~10-11 in. on drive end (back), no wider than ~4-5 in. on caster end (front), no longer than 15 in.
Alternative Options
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