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Pre-Departure Orientation Meeting

Josh Barber

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Packing

Liquids plastic bag
Prescription medications
Change of clothes
Reading material
Cell phone
Plug adapters (and converter?)
Pack Light
How do you pack light?
Ask yourself, "Would I really use this enough to justify carrying it with me?"
Don’t pack for the worst-case scenario.
When in doubt—leave it out.
Checked Bag
free checked bag.
(Checking a second bag is an additional
62 inches:
Maximum dimensions (l + w + h).
(An oversize bag is an additional
50 lbs:
Maximum weight
(An overweight bag is an additional

Note: You are responsible for paying baggage fees if your luggage does not meet the restrictions.
Carry-On Luggage
Personal Item
personal item:
A purse
A briefcase
A laptop bag
A tote
Books and pillows can also be brought aboard and do not count as your personal item.
What to Pack
Liquid Regulations
In your carry-on
additional items
6-7 casual short-sleeved shirts or blouses
3-4 pairs of shorts/pants/skirts/dresses
2-3 pairs of athletic shorts
Plenty of socks and underwear
1-2 good pairs of shoes
1 pair of sandals
carry-on bag allowed.
45 inches:
Maximum dimensions (l + w + h).
(Cannot exceed 22 x 14 x 9 in)
Must be
3.4 oz
or smaller and fit in one quart-sized plastic bag
* Except medications
medications and hypodermic needles are allowed in your carry-on in any size and quantity**.
medications are allowed up to 4 oz.

**Medications larger than 3.4 oz should be kept separate from your liquids bag and will need to be "declared" at airport security.
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