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Ancient Chinese Invention Project - Paper Fans

No description

Emily McEvoy

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Invention Project - Paper Fans

What is my invention/item? My invention is the paper fan. Is this invention still used today?
How and where? Hand fans are still used all
throughout America, Europe, and China. In most countries, women carry their beautiful fans around as an elegant, unique fashion accessory, but in China, women carry fans around to cool down in the summertime or occasionally preform a traditional dance involving the paper fan. Yes, Chinese paper fans began to be used in European countries during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. European women liked to carry around ans as an accessory. Chinese paper fans were used for people to cool themselves off in hot weather, as well as for beauty and decorative purposes. The introduction of the paper fan first began a trend in China - everyone had to have a fan. Eventually, paper fans were no longer a fad, but a part of daily life. The Chinese were always making and trading fans for years, Early fans were made with
feathers or cattail leaves, but modern fans are simply made of paper, hence the name. The ribs of the fan were usually made of the bones of animals or wood. The true creator of the
paper fan is undefined. However, it was not actually created in China.
The paper fan originally developed in Japan and Korea, but it was brought to China on traveling boats. Paper fans were made
for beauty and comfort, as many women liked to carry paper fans because of their intricate designs, but they were mainly used for people to cool themselves. Paper fans were created
and developed in the Ming Dynasty of China, which lasted from 1368 to 1644. Who created your invention? What dynasty was this invention/item created in? Why was this invention made? What materials were used to make this? What purpose did it serve? How did this item affect
society? Did this object appear in any other historical times?
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