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Copy of Customer Complaints

No description

Bobbie Stoltz

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Customer Complaints

The Case of the Complaining
Develop a Comprehensive Quality Improvement Plan for Presto Cleaner.
Quality improvement
Question 1 -
Why is Mr. Shelton upset?
What should be done to address his complaint?

Question 2 -
What is quality improvement?
Develop a comprehensive...
Why is Mr. Shelton upset?
not receiving his mail after requesting an address change last month.
Not very fond of our online account access.
After a 9-day-wait his account has not been corrected
Not excited about the new fee on an account that has been free since he moved his banking to us.
Feels like he got no empathy from the person responding to his fee question
What should be done to address his complaint?
Obtain the complaint from the customer and acknowledge it.

Determine who should be responsible for the complaint.

Guarantee that proper measures will be taken on.

Apologize to the customer for the mistake/problem.

Inquire feedback from the customer.

Offer the customer refund...

Follow up with the costumer if there has been another similar problem with the services provided.
Developing and optimizing a process that is able
to produce a specified high-quality product.
Customer Complaint Management

Management by Fact

In order to have an efficient way to address issues Top Management has the responsibility to involve in these areas:

a. Policy
b. Responsibility and authority
c. Commitment

Total Management Commitment
Employee Participation
As the link to the customer, they must address the following guidelines:

a.Complaint Acknowledgment
b.Initial Assessment
e.Communication Decisions
Continuous Improvement
a.Management Review
Management by Fact
a.Information Collection
c.Monitoring and auditing the process
Customer Focus
a.Satisfaction with process
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