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Volume: Chapter 10

Vocab for chapter on Volume

Brooke Silbernagel

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Volume: Chapter 10

Solid formed by polygons
- faces
- edge
- vertex
Regular Polyhedron
Chapter 10: Volume
A polyhedron with four faces.
Each face is enclosed by a regular polygon
Each face is congruent to the other faces
The faces meet at each vertex in exactly the same way
Special type of polyhedron with two faces called bases
Lateral faces are parallelograms that connect the corresponding sides of the bases
Polyhedron with only one base
Like a prism with lateral faces which meet at a vertex
-The set of all points in a space at a given
distance from a given point.
-Half a sphere with a circular base
- Has two bases like a prisim, which are circular
-The segment connecting the centers is the axis
Has a base and a vertex like a pyramid
The base is a circle
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