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Elements of a Comic Strip

No description

Amanda Augsburger

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Elements of a Comic Strip

Elements of

Layout of comics
the space between panels

A single row of panels (what we're making today!)

A large (often full page) image or drawing which introduces the comic story.

A image that spans two or more pages
First you need...
Different Formats
Comic Strip:
A comic strip is a short work of comics which has its origins in the world of newspapers.
Other elements of comics
Speech Bubble/Balloon:
is a speech indicator, containing the characters' dialogue. The indicator from the balloon that points at the speaker is called a pointer or tail.
In a caption, words appear in a box separated from the rest of the panel or page, usually to give voice to a narrator, but sometimes used for the characters' thoughts or dialogue.
a daily comic strip is a comic strip that is normally run six days a week in a newspaper, historically in black and white, although color examples have become common.
Gag cartoons and editorial cartoons:
are usually single-panel comics
Comic Book:
is a periodical, normally thin and stapled together.
Graphic novel:
is a term whose definition is hard to pin down, but usually refers to self-contained, book-length form.
Not restricted by size or style, these are comics that appear on the web.
Now, let's get started!
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