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Corporate Marketing and Communications Strategy

2013/2014 Marketing and Communications Strategy

Dave Cicotte

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Marketing and Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy Objective
Engage existing and potential corporate and group clients through various outlets to communicate pertinent travel news and information.
What If We Do Nothing?
Expanding Our Digital Presence
Through our external communications, we will engage clients on all fronts in our digital space. We will let them know we are their trusted source for pertinent travel information.
Current Situation
There is a need for improving communication with our corporate and group travelers. We have begun implementing the News Flash system to alert travelers on news and pertinent information regarding their travels. We now have a growing presence and following on all major social media outlets, with the exception of YouTube (coming soon).
The Desired State
Our travelers will have an expectation of receiving News Flashes on a regular basis, they will begin requesting information on travel alerts and interacting/responding to social posts. Twitter and LinkedIn will become additional hubs for travel information and News Flashes, and corporate and group travelers will begin booking leisure travel.
What's the Big Idea?
The ultimate goal for the communications and marketing plan is twofold. Internally: move from unconnected moving parts to a unified well oiled machine. Externally: promote trust, loyalty, and brand awareness with our clients. We will need everyone in the company to buy into the system in order to bring this plan to fruition.

Become a thought leader in corporate and group travel
Provide helpful and useful travel news and alerts through various outlets (News Flash and social media)
Attract new corporate and group clients through shared content
Grow and broaden audience through engaging social media content and marketing/advertising
Link/Sync new/existing corporate clients to ClientBase through various methods (Concur (form), SalesForce, Signature form/blog/email marketing)
Increase trust and reliability factors with clients through News Flashes, CT blog, and social media
Social Media - Content creators, liquid content, user interaction, news/alerts, industry leaders, advertising
Corporate: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube
Groups: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, FB, G+, IG, Pinterest
All strategies to be optimized for mobile use
External Communications Recommendation Summary
Through all available outlets (Signature, Social Media, CT blog, and email marketing), target and communicate with existing, new, and potential corporate and group clients while positioning the company as a thought leader in the travel industry. By creating engaging and fluid content and information with specific advertising and promotional goals in mind, we will be able to effectively reach our target audience.
Challenges and Opportunities
Identifying the Problem
Lack of communication with corporate and group travelers
Not using available tools to cater to the young corporate traveler of today/executives of tomorrow
Converting corporate and group travelers to leisure travelers
Internally: creating a consistent and unified brand and brand voice (i.e. using approved fonts, logo, letterhead, etc.)
May be difficult to do this with Groups
Conlin websites
Design refresh
Sitemap restructuring (all sites accessible under one domain)
Proper analytics installed
What Does
Success Look Like?
Increased communications to our corporate and group travelers, creating trust and loyalty while reinforcing duty of care
Increased volume in leisure travel
Reassurance for our clients knowing we have a unified company through our brand, services, messaging, and processes
Increased public awareness of Conlin Travel (i.e. Thought Leader)
Social Media - http://ow.ly/phD69
Email Marketing - http://ow.ly/phDtu
How Client Relations
Will Improve
Our corporate and group accounts will see the benefits of our complete service package and refer our business to their clients/partners
Our service package will be viewed as industry leading and become the benchmark for TMCs (and eventually leisure travel)
New and existing accounts will look to us for leisure travel
Social communities will grow and increase our digital presence
How Problems Can Be Resolved
Excellent internal communication
News Flash content sent to Dave with Chris, Sarah and Dana copied
Communication with Sarah and Dave on any potential marketing or communication material/information
Send any feedback or concerns to Sarah and Dave
Any mass internal communications (major or minor) should come to Sarah and Dave
Include the communications plan in the early proposal stages
No growth
Become as impersonal and interchangeable as Orbitz, Expedia, etc.
Loss of corporate clients
Color coded News Flash system is a new system to all clients (and the industry as far as we know)
Shows we're thinking in a different paradigm and introducing new standards
Getting ahead of the competition
Constant communication with clients, followers, likers, and connections
Must allow our new strategies to marinate for a matter of months
Adjustments may need to be made frequently to stay ahead of the curve
Pros and Cons
Thought leader in the industry
Ahead of the technology curve
Strong digital presence
Increased sales: corporate to leisure
Client referrals
Keeps corporate travelers connected to us on another level
Annoyed clients
Companies may not allow leisure travel advertising to their employees
Ideas With
Goals in Mind
All of Conlin Travel will be on the same page regarding internal and external communications
We will begin to see an increase in feedback and interaction from clients, followers, likers, and connections
After breaking it, we will become the mold
Next Steps
Make it easier to gather/transfer corporate and group client information to Clientbase for leisure
Continue to grow digital presence and activity
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Marketing and Communications
Strategy and Recommendations

Parking Lot

Sending the "right" amount of information through News Flashes
Target audience for each News Flash
Bridging corporate and group clients to leisure travel
Position ourselves as THE number one TMC through the eyes of the public
Become thought leaders in corporate and group travel industries
Strategy Recap
Client Communications Feedback Survey
CT Blog
Full transcript