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SAE Aero Design Team

No description

Elizabeth Bitante

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of SAE Aero Design Team

SAE Aero Design Team
Improvements from Last Year
Accessibility of components
Redesign Wing Mount
"Bomb" Drop Design
Engine Selection

Design Concept Considerations
Naturally Aspirated
Propulsion Theory
Design Custom Propeller

Contra Rotating Propellers

Multiple Blades
Single or Multiple Engines
Airfoil Design
Use either NACA 0012 or NACA 0009
Airfoil Selection

Wing Shape
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Delta Angle = 0
Finite Element Methods
Design of Experiment
Strain Gauge Analysis
Testing Material Properties of Carbon Fiber Composite
Yield Strength
Elastic Modulus
Servo position within Ailerons and Rudder
Simplify the wiring system
Current Design
Conceptual Design
Take -Off Program

Turning Program
3D Theoretical Lift Curve
Universal Program to allow changes in Design
Lift vs. Span
Force Diagram

The Competition
Dates: March 13th - 15th
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Number of Teams: 17
The Team
13 Mechanical Engineers
4 Computer Engineers
1 Underclassman
Competition Goals
Pass safety inspection

Accuracy to Target

Complete all flights

Excel in the oral presentation

Excel in the written report

Win the competition
Total weight of the aircraft less than 8 lbs

Increase stability of the wing mount system

Improve accessibility to fuselage components

Upgrade the turning and take off programs
Design Goals
Test Flight
Project Details
Project Completion Date: February 20th

Estimated Total Travel Time: 38 hours

Estimated Cost: $5,040.00

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