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No description

Jerrod Deutschmann

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Faust

Faust A story of the archangel Mephisto betting against god
that he can win the soul of the famous docter faust. Setting: Most of the story takes
place in modern day Heavan Written by:Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Boooooooooook Projet This book is my favorite! is written by: Who is a german writer from around 1760-1830 Johann Wolfgang vag Goethe Goethe performed very many feats of his time that caused
him to be condisedered a litterary giant of his time. Goethe was invited to live at the court of Duke Charles Augustus in 1775. As his first ten years of liveing here, Goethe decided to abandon his litterary goals because he was the Minister of state. After this ten year period, Goethe took a two year trip to Italy where he "Found himself again as an artist." The story line of Faust, pronounced Foust, is the devil mephisto still as an archangel. in the begging of the story he points out to god how unearthly his docter is and then bets that he could win over his hardfighting soul. The Lord accepts this offer and mephisto first apears to this docter, Faust. He offers a bet with faust to win over his soul. He promises to serve him in life with all of his might and states that everything any man has wished for will be his and in return, Faust must do the same for him in the afterlife. Faust intelegently declines at first, knoiwing the devils trickery schemes.
Mephisto asures Faust that there is no trechery involved. He just wants
to make a simle bargain and claims that Faust will get the better end of
this deal. Faust thinks over the deal and decides that he should
enjoy his life and forget about his afterlife so he accepts
Mephistos bargain. There really is no narrator because this is a play
but if there were it would be
from a third person perspecetive of all
places when events take place. People often think of Mephisto as a demon or the devil but in this story he is still an archangel. This story relates to the real
world because people still
believe the events that took place
in this story
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