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The Boy: A Holocaust Story

Independent Reading Project- The Holocaust

Justin Shin

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of The Boy: A Holocaust Story

The Boy
(A Holocaust Story) Dan Porat Summary:Part 1 Summary:Part 2 Summary:Part 3 Author's Theme What I Think ... Relation to the Holocaust Recommend? On Part 3, Rivkah learned that the war was over and she married and had a long life. Meanwhile, Stroop and Franz was accused of war crime and were hanged on March 6, 1952. The other victims were treated for by the allies and some lived to tell the tales of this book. My book relates to the Holocaust because it talks about a victim trying to flee from the Nazis. The setting of the book was in Europe during WWII. The events that happened were mass exuctions of Jews, Gestapo, Communist, and other victims. The theme of is book is "that a life is worth everything". One example from the book is "many innocent lifes were taken". This theme means that another life is worth trillions of dollars. This book makes us think about the countless lifes taken from the Nazis. I think this book is exiciting and interesting because it talks about life for the Jews in the Holocaust in first person view. One weakness in the book is that they keep changing the story and this confused me. For example, when the book is talking about Stroop, it changes from his view to Konrads view; I still think Stroop is talking. I do recommend this book to a friend becuase its very interesting and it keeps you "hooked" to the book the whole time. Read this book to find out if the author found out who "the boy" was! The summary of Part 1 talks about why the author(Dan Porat) wanted to know about the boy. It also shows flashbacks to some of the main characters such as Josef Stroop and Franz Konrad. It talks about how they started as a Nazi and how they felt about killing Jews. Later on, Stroop becomes a general while Franz becomes an officer. During Part 2, the book introduces the victims of the Holocaust. Rivkah was a Jewish adult that hid in a building with her husband and friends. Stroop found Rivkah, but she managed to escape. After a few months, they were catch again and sent to a death camp. Rivkah managed to escape again by jumping out of the train and traveled all over Poland to look for a place to stay until the war was over.
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