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Make a Difference Day

No description

Grant Kowal

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Make a Difference Day

Potter's Wheel

United Caring Services
Potter's Wheel

Background and Event Information

The event lasted from 9am - 11:30am.

USI students along with a few teens, worked on painting the basement rooms where the ministry is present.

The students worked in two medium sized rooms, one large room, and a large walkway where the stairs are present.

It was a good experience for the students and the teens.
Service Learning
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Engaging in Service Opportunities
Students Paint for a Good Cause
United Caring Services

Event Information
Make a Difference Day
The Potter's Wheel is an inner city ministry in Evansville, Indiana.

It began as an Adopt-a-Block program in which volunteers began going door-to-door every Saturday to meet families in the neighborhood.

A clothing bank, food pantry and soup kitchen was organized to meet basic physical needs in the surrounding community.

In 1996, United Caring Shelters bought an abandoned brick warehouse one block north of the YMCA. This building was four stories and had a basement.

The first floor provides meals for everybody, no questions asked.

The second floor provides a safe haven for men to sleep from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.

The third and fourth floors have been renovated for our Transitional Housing program. Each apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.
The shelter provides 10,000 meals monthly.

USI Students volunteered to help with the preparation of meals in order to provide a service.

The end result is a better understanding of the nutritional needs of this special population as well as a food safety video for volunteers, an inventory of stored food goods, and a cookbook with recipes that utilize the excess items the shelter regularly has on hand.

“If I can make sure that other volunteers are here showing that there’s a caring community then that’s what I’m going to do – that’s what appeals to me personally.” -University of Southern Indiana Staff
USI students work alongside teens from the Potter's Wheel in painting the once yellow and beige walls a refreshing blue.

This was a great opportunity for the students and teens to engage in a fun way to provide service.
United Caring Services


"Volunteering for these service opportunities and knowing that you are helping the community gives you a certain feeling that nothing else can match." -University of Southern Indiana Student
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