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Jessie Stone B1 7th Grade Prezi

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Jessie Stone B1 7th Grade Prezi

I don't think it's ever right to pretend to know more than you do because if somebody asks you to do something and you don't actually know how to then it could make people mad at you for lying and could cause an arguement and problems. Victor He speaks English and French. Victor likes Teresa. He pretended to know French to impress Teresa. He practiced scowling to impress Teresa. He's not
good at math. Elective - something that's not required. Propelled - something that's been moved or pushed. Conviction - certainty or belief. Lingered - stayed back. Sheepishly - something done oddly or awkwardly. Seventh Grade. This story is really believable because almost everyone in our school acts the same way. In this story, Seventh Grade, the main character Victor is nervous about his first day of seventh grade. He likes a girl named Teresa and hopes that she's in some of his classes. When he's going to his home room he sees his friend, Michael, and he tells Victor that he read that girls like is when guys scowl. When he finally got to lunch he couldn't find Teresa in the cafetiria so he went outside to look for her but she wasn't there. He looked all over and he found her, under a plum tree with her he got to French he sat a couple desks away from Teresa. Mr.Bueller asked if anyone knew French and Victor, not thinking about it, raised his hand. Mr.Bueller started asking him things in French and Victor just mumbled something. He kept quiet for the rest of the class. After class Victor got out really quick but had to go back for his math book. Teresa was still in there and she was talking to him about how good he was a French. Teresa asked Victor if she could help him sometime on her French, he said yes, and then went to the public library and borrowed three French textbooks and he decided he was going to like seventh grade. This story taught me that Victor is lucky because Teresa actually believed that he knew French, but you should never lie to impress someone. It can cause problems and make people mad. Plot. Vocabulary. Character map. What do you think? What do you think now? Question seven.
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