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Copy of The Mathematics of Cheerleading

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on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Mathematics of Cheerleading

The Mathematics of Cheer leading
Weight Measurement of Flyer
The average weight of a flyer is 110 lbs.
2 bases, 1 back spot.
each girl gets 1/3 of the weight.
110/3= 36.3 lbs. each
Weight Distribution in Stunting
Weight needs to be evenly distributed
toeing= falling forward
heeling= falling backwards
arabesques and scorpions need to have even weight on both sides of the base leg.
Formations (Geometry)
Formations take many geometrical and linear shapes. Examples are straight, diagonal, circles, triangles, and diamonds.
Jump and Stunt angles
It is important to have the correct angles for jumps and stunts so that they look clean and perfected.
Pike- 90 degrees
Hurdler- 45 degrees
Herkie- 90 degrees
Needle- 180 degrees
Bow and Arrow- 180 degrees
spirit jump- acute
heel stretch- obtuse
banana- parabola
8 counts
8 counts are a type of number and operation. It allows to time moves with music. If counts are off it could mess up the routine and flyers could be injured.
Momentum=mass x velocity
Angular momentum helps with spins and twists
angular speed increases or decreases by the change of distance from the mass and the axis of rotation.
Stunting with Rotation
180 degrees- The flyer starts facing one direction and turns in the air so when she comes down she is facing the other direction.
360 degrees- The flyer makes a complete turn in the air making a full circle.
Examples also include full ups, full downs, etc.
1st most dangerous women's sport and 2nd overall (football)
62.5% of catastrophic sports injuries come from cheer
falls from stunts and gymnastics statistically have a greater impact than being tackled by a professional football player
"Cheerleading Ranks First in Catastrophic Sport Injuries." United States Sports Academy. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. <https://ussa.edu/news/cheerleading-ranks-first-in-catastrophic-sport-injuries/>.
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Even though it may not seem like it, cheer leading is very mathematically and scientifically rich.
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