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PEST analysis on The Pleasure Beach

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on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of PEST analysis on The Pleasure Beach

Pest Analysis
FACTORS CONCLUSION Thank you for watching, hope you enjoyed our presentation!!! Any Questions? Starting with only one ride in 1986, The Pleasure Beach now has over 6 million theme park visitors each year to their 125 rides and attractions. Arcades, shops, restaurants, there is certainly something here for all the family, but are there many external forces that affect
The Pleasure Beach? From our PEST analysis on the Pleasure Beach we found many external factos that have an impact of this organisation.
Political: changes in law and Governement targets
Economic: affected by low exconomic growth
Social: spending habits have changed
Technological: internet has helped The Pleasure Beach • Customer behaviours and attitudes are now changing towards spending money. More people are now spending online and so this is why the Pleasure Beach has now made it possible for customers to buy and book online. Political factors are how and to what degree a government intervenes in the economy.

As VAT has increased from 17.5% to 20% this is affecting the cost of visiting the Pleasure Beach

Data Protection Act- When collecting and storing information on employees as well as customers
Blackpool Pleasure Beach will need to stay within the regulations of this law.

Working Time Regulations- When taking on employees Blackpool Pleasure Beach need to consider
their age and the hours that they are legally allowed to work.

Food Hygiene Regulations- as Blackpool Pleasure Beach also supple food, including large catering
services from there Big Blue hotel the food Hygiene Regulations needs to be followed by law in order
for them to continue trading in the food industry.

The government is becoming more and more concerned with healthy eating and the increase in
obesity with in today’s population. Blackpool Pleasure Beach will need to take this into
consideration and offer healthy food options.

Economic factors include economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rate. These factors have a major impact on how a business such as Blackpool pleasure beach make their decisions. •The main Technological factor that affects the Pleasure Beach is the internet. The internet has dramatically improved over the past few years and is now more accessible than ever before. More and more people are preferring to buy online than actually going to stores. And so this has also affected the Pleasure Beach as they have now had to adapt to the change of technology and now have a website where you can book in advance and buy your wrist bands online.
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