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California English with Voiceover

No description

Ashley Abrahamson

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of California English with Voiceover

Ashley Abrahamson
for Professor Farrell
Lin 1

This is me
CCal to Davis
When I asked people what qualified someone as NorCal vs SoCal, many immediately began to point out the distinctions between the language of each area
What's the Difference?
Do your believe that being from SoCal effects your identity?
My Suitemate
California English
Do you believe being NorCal effects your identity?
My Roommate
CCal :)
I've come to find that the Central Valley is a unique combination of both Northern and Southern California. However, I find that I identify a lot more with the language and identity of Southern California
I share many common slang terms with both regions, however I have a lot more vocabulary in common with SoCal, say "the" in front of freeway names
As far as my accent goes, I tend to follow the NorCal tendancy to replace T's and D's and S's with Z's
Where does that leave Me?
As I began to meet people around Davis, a question that many people I met asked me was if I was from NorCal or SoCal
I'm from a small town, near Fresno
This was a little strange for me, because I wasn't exactly sure what would qualify me as from one place or another. Never before had I been asked to identify myself outside of the the fact that I was from the Valley.
This idea of Geographic Dialects was explored in Professor Farrell's Class
Geographic Dialects
California English and the Media
Where a person is from can impact how they speak
Settlers separated by geographic features
Dialect = Identity
So people speak like the people they want to be/who they are around
Cultural Infuences
Slang, "Spanglish", Tradition, Religion
There is no official dividing line between NorCal and SoCal
Where NorCal ends and SoCal begins will be different depending on who you ask
The Three Linguistic Characteristics I Chose to look into are
word choice and slang
Positive anymore
"I think that's probably a common greeting anymore."
Was/Were Leveling
"But there was no cliques in my class."
that's sick, legit, fool, dude, like, for sure, sketch
hella, stoked, beezy, grody, hyphy
nasal, S & Z and T & D combine ,
As the center of the media and entertainment industry, SoCal is often the most common representation of English speakers to the rest of the world
NorCal or SoCal?
"the" in front of freeway names
"Like" and "you know" in sentences

fronting of vowel in the word boat, a as in apple

Yes, SoCal has preconceived ideas of NorCal people and how they act and talk. So I believe my identity is different in the eyes of someone from SoCal

What do you find to be the weirdest thing about how people from the opposite area act/speak?
Weird male pronouns that begin sentences like “Dude, and Bro.” I feel like it is overused
Do you believe where someone tells you that they are from effects your first impression of them?

I try not to personally, I just take where they are from as more information about who they are
Do you think that you have an accent?
Yes. I was raised in a small farm town in NorCal so I think how I speak is different than a lot of the people I have met in Davis
I don’t think it effects my identity. Being from SoCal makes me more conscious of others. It has influenced the way I come off towards people, but I am not “SoCal”.
What do you find to be the weirdest thing about how people from the opposite area act/speak?
The amount of times they say Hella in a conversation, their slang is weird
Do you believe where someone tells you that they are from effects your first impression of them?
Yes, because the way people interact with eachother of the opposite areas kind of influences how I act around others.
Do you think that you have an accent?
No I don’t think I have an accent.
for example- I always say "obzest" instead of "obsessed"
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