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Social Media in Human Resources

An introduction to social media in human resources and how companies use social media for recruiting, retention and managing reputation.


on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Social Media in Human Resources

Social Media
Human Resource Management Hiring
with Social Media Introduction
to Social Media Cunha, Fetcho-Phillips, Heung, Mirianashvili,
Paquet, Ponty, Roaldsen, Xiong 15.660 Strategic Human Resource Management Blogs with RSS Feeds Podcasts Video Images and Photos Relationship Marketing Thursday, May 6, 2010 Summary and Conclusion Intra-company Use of Social Media Types of Internal Media

Use of Internal Social Media Faciliate collaboration and knowledge exchange
Bridges distances between employees
Grow interest in initiatives
Career networking
Security and privacy concerns may deter users Hubspot and Microsoft Features of Social Media Hélène Ponty, Master of Science in Management Studies 2010, Business & Tax Law
Ming Xiong, Master of Science in Management Studies 2010, Consumer Electronics Operations
Kacey Fetcho-Phillips, Leaders for Global Operations 2011 MBA/SM Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Liz Roaldsen, Sloan Fellows 2010, General Management in Financial Services
Ita Mirianashvili, Sloan Fellows 2010, Council of Europe
Igor Cunha, Sloan Fellows 2010, Entrepreneur in Brazil
Siegfried Paquet, Sloan Fellows 2010, General Management in Media and Entertainment
Kenneth Heung, Visiting Undergraduate Student at Harvard, Internship at Citigroup
Team Use of Social Media Targeting Audiences:
Women Microsoft "Technology is always evolving, and companies… can't be afraid to take advantage of change."
-Erik Schmidt, CEO of Google
Use of Social Media
How will Social Media help me get a job?
What am I learning about the industry?
How does this tool attract employees? Internal
Instant Messaging Benefits of Hiring
with Social Media Hubspot Authentic
Connective “Employees at Microsoft Corp are the most social media-savvy in the world” -Reuters Company Profiles
13 LinkedIn profiles
21 Facebook profiles
25 Twitter accounts Controlling Social Media
35% of UK businesses have banned use SNS in the workplace
Companies ban participating in work-affiliated external Social Media sites Message Boards

Emails 49.6%
Groupware 27.5%
Bulletin board 10.8%
Company-internal SNS 7.4%
Messenger 6.4%
Company-internal blog 4.4%

Don’t have any information-sharing tools 21.8%
Other 3.0%
Social media is about content creation and building a relationship
Social Media in HR is not a fad: take advantage of it!
Does not replace face-to-face networking
Every age range is impacted
Recommendations for Employees Introduction to Social Media
Hiring and Recruiting
Internal use of Social Media
Use of Social Media at a small and large company Summary Recommendations for Companies Use Social Media tools to drive corporate strategy
Integrate Social Media into daily business
Start-ups can use capabilities at little cost to business
Use a combination of tools for information transfer Blogs Vision Jam 72 hour online message board
22,000 employees > thousands of ideas
Integrated improvements: changed sales rep/doctor interactions Internal Blogging
CEO's blog: John's Place
Personal blogs Lilly-pedia Sharepoint Policy against groups in external social media Message Boards FAQ Casual interactions
Broad platform
Develop pages, applications
Some HR utility
Defined platform
Structured capability
Limited HR use
"Twittercruiting" Professionally oriented
Proactive towards HR
Create company pages, recruiting tools
Integrated tools for HR
'The younger generation expects to find social media tools in the work environment, and if we don't provide that for them here, they very quickly disengage and leave for other companies.' -Laurie Buczek,
Social Media Computing Program Manager at Intel 400 million users
70% of users non-US
Available in 65 lanugages
65 million users, +100,000/month
50% of users non-US
Integrated with Jobvite and eQuest for job postings
75 million users
Increased engagement
40% twitter outside US Low to no cost compared to traditional methods

Higher yield of qualified candidates
Great for sourcing and self-screening
Increased competency of candidates

-Executive recruiters
-Monster, Careerbuilder

Professor with
Top business school experience
Expertise in HR and organizational behavior
Hiring new employees using referral networks Searching for an Employee LinkedIn Connections Job Searching What information-sharing tools
have been introduced at your place of work? Google Emails
Bulletin board
Company-internal SNS
Company-internal blog

Don’t have any information-sharing tools
Other What information-sharing tools
have been introduced at your place of work? http://prezi.com/wxjc_29a1w14/social-media-in-human-resources/
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