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Copy of Incarceron by Catherine Fisher


Rodrigo Fernandes

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

THERE IS NO ESCAPE. T H E M E I N C A R C E R O N THIS PRISON IS ALIVE. By Catherine Fisher THE P R I S O N E R S F I N N the "STAR SEER" K E I R O the "OATHBROTHER" A T T I A the "DOG-SLAVE" G I L D A S the "ELDERLY SAPIENT" THE R O Y A L T Y C L A U D I A the "WA J A R E D the "SAPIENT" S I A the "QUEEN" J O H N the "WARDEN" RDEN'S DAUGHTER" I would definitely recommend this book to my friends. It is a great science-fiction
filled with creative imagination. You can't help but become absorbed with the
story. There is a lot of action and suspense throughout the plot, as well as several twists. However, there are several parts throughout the story that may be rather confusing, as the story talks about two separate characters in two separate worlds at the same time. Even so, this book is a must-read! I N D I R E C T / D I R E C T CHARACTERIZATON THE S E T T I N G I N C A R C E R O N THE R E A L M Finn is one of the prisoners of Incarceron. He has no memories of his past and is known as the "star seer." Finn believes he came from the outside and with the help of the key and his friends, he attempts to escape Incarceron.
He is a reckless amnesiac, but Finn holds promising courage and determination. He has a sharp mind and has a tendency of scowling. Keiro is Finn's oathbrother. He is a handsome blond that also wishes to escape Incarceron. He often protects Finn from the other prisoners.
Keiro is conceited, fearless, and ruthless. He thinks of himself too highly and loves treasure. However, he is a skilled fighter. Attia is one of the dog-slaves of the Comitatus, whose leader is Jormanric
the Winglord. She is a small thin girl with brown eyes and dirty hair. After
Finn brought her with him, she became his servant.
She is a cunning girl, though she is sharp with her words. She grows to like Finn,
and cares for him deeply. However, Attia doesn't get along with Keiro. Gildas is a small old man with black eyes and wears dark green clothes.
He is one of the Sapients of Incarceron and is obsessed with the stories
of Sapphique, the one who escaped from Incarceron. He provides medical
aid for Finn along the journey to freedom.
He is a knowledgeable man who hopes to one day meet Sapphique and
see the Outside for himself. Claudia is the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron. She finds the key in her father's office, and communicates with Finn through the crystal key, promising him that she would help him escape. She is also seeking Finn's help to escape her betrothal with the Queen's son, Caspar.
She is a brash and haughty person. Claudia is sharp with her words and is somewhat selfish. However, the brunette is very intelligent and thoughtful. Jared is Claudia's tutor and the only person she truly trusts in the Realm. He is popular with the girls, but suffers from an illness. He aids Claudia with helping Finn escape Incarceron throughout the story.
He is wise but weak in ways. Jared constantly worries about Claudia due to her brash nature. He has long dark hair, a narrow and pale face, and green eyes. John Arlexa is Claudia's father as well as the Warden of Incarceron. He is a tall and straight man with a carefully trimmed beard, dark tied hair, and gray eyes. John always carries a watch chain with a small silver cube on it.
He is a respected figure in the Realm. Despite being her father, John and Claudia do not share much of a close relationship. He is also always calm. Sia is the Queen of the Realm. Underneath her young appearance, she is a bony and elderly woman. She is a remote and strange woman with glossy red nails. Sia is rather cheerful but many in the Realm fear her. Catherine Fisher uses indirect characterization throughout the story. There
are some parts where she uses direct, but most of the story uses indirect. T O N E AND M O O D THE P R O B L E M C L I M A X D I R E C T "She sounded quick, thoughtful, as if she was used to solving problems, working out solutions; a clear voice that made him remember suddenly, with the tiniest spark of pain, candles." Pg. 156 "It was just like him to take the initiative, to turn the
game around, to attack. He was a master chess player
at the Court..." Pg. 223 "She shook her head. 'You're too trusting,
Finn. You must have been born Outside,
because you don't fit here.'" Pg. 285 "...Keiro had been orphaned as a baby and had grown up in the gang of filthy urchins that always seemed to be hanging around the Comitatus; warriors' by-blows, children of women they'd killed, kids who nobody knew." Pg. 310 "He was tall and very thin, his face famished and anxious. His hair was lank and long, tied back in a knot of string, and his clothes were the drabbest she had ever seen, muddy grays and greens, badly worn." Pg. 2O4 "The Chancellor wore a blue silk suit with an elaborate ruffle at the neck, so high she wondered how he could breathe. He was certainly red in the face, but his bow was assured and his smile carefully pleasant." Pg. 21 I N D I R E C T Incarceron is a futuristic world created by the Sapienti, though it only ended up to be a failure. The prison has formed a mind of its own and can not be controlled by its creators. Not only is Incarceron a futuristic prison, but it is an artificial world. All kinds of people and animals live in this world. Some are cell-borns and some are half-human, which are known as Scum. Incarceron is always monitoring everything that goes on. The 'red eyes' throughout the prison are actually cameras. It watches everything and everyone. As said before, there is no escape. This prison is vast; there are villages, forests, cells, corriders, etc. There have been stories about one who has escaped the prison. His name is Sapphique, though it is unsure if he is real or not. However, one thing is clear. Those in Incarceron are motivated by this legendary story and the fact that there is the possibility to escape Incarceron. In reality, Incarceron is physically a cube bead. Everything within the prison is actually microscopic. Time in the Realm has completely stopped to prevent the development of science
and evolution. The Realm is currently "frozen" in the 18th century. Finn wants to escape Incarceron, but he needs the help of Claudia
to do so. At the same time, Claudia needs to find a way to escape
her bethrothal to the Queen's son, Caspar. The two must depend
on each other to find their freedom. However, Incarceron doesn't
plan on letting his 'children' escape, and Claudia is finding it harder
and harder to find the prison, especially when she only has a few days
before her marriage. I think the climax of the story is when Claudia enters Incarceron. I chose
this event because at the same time, in the Realm, the news that Claudia
had decided to not show up at the marriage caused quite a commotion.
When she enters Incarceron, she does not immediately meet up with Finn.
Instead, Claudia meets and speaks with the very prison itself. THE R E S O L U T I O N After Finn finally met Claudia in the prison, he promised his friends that he would come back for them. With that, the two teleported back to the Realm. However, the Realm became chaotic after the Queen was attacked. With Queen Sia in a rage, she barges into the Warden's office, which is also known as the Portal to Incarceron. The Warden then announces to the public that the lost Prince Giles has returned. With that, the Warden then disappears in the depths of Incarceron. Knowing Queen Sia is not pleased with the announcement, Claudia must now help raise Finn to be the prince that he now has become. At the same time, Jared must figure out a way to free the rest of Finn's friends from Incarceron. HOW DID THE CHARACTERS CHANGE? Finn scowls less throughout the story, though there's not much of a change in his personality. However, his determination to escape Incarceron has become stronger and stronger. Attia is a cold-hearted girl during the entire story, though she gradually warms up to Finn and even comes to like him. Claudia has become a little more thoughtful though she barely changes much throughout the story. Jared becomes braver in the end, especially when he decides to finally stand up to Claudia's father, a person he is rather frightened of. R E C O M M E N D A T I O N The background image is simply a picture of a night in the wilderness.
It is focused on Finn's dream, which is to one day see the stars. The theme
of this story is to always believe in yourself. Though there may be hardship
along the road to accomplishing your goal, you must always believe you can
do it. Finn has one simple dream: to escape Incarceron. He has always
believed that he has come from the Outside and with his friends, he attempts
to escape the prison. There is a beautiful lake and many forests. Some go hunting in the forests. The tone of the story is desperate.
"Finn's hand tightened as the blue light faded. Desperately
he whispered, 'Please. You have to help me Escape.'" Pg. 157 The mood of the story is suspenseful.

"That Giles is alive.
And where else can he be but in Incarceron? Claudia stared at the small pad, eyes wide. She looked
up at her nurse as if she'd never seen her before. Then
she glanced down and read the last sentence again.
And again." Pg. 2O1 Finn kidnaps the Maestra, who knows something about the mark on his wrist. He
promises to keep her alive in exchange for the key she has. However, Jormanric kills
her and not long after, Keiro fights Jormanric to see who is better. Finn decides to escape
and brings Keiro, Gildas, and Attia along with him. Meanwhile, Claudia is preparing for
her wedding. She meets Lord Evian and also receives an ominous present of a crystal
swan from Queen Sia. As the group rests in a cave, Finn notices the key he has is turning on and he 'meets'
Claudia. She also has the same key that she'd stolen from her father's office. They talk
and he begs her to help him escape the prison. Claudia decides to investigate Prince
Gile's death (she was betrothed to him when they were little), and seeks Bartlett for
information. However, he is dead and all she found was his testament. Not long after, Finn and Gildas are kidnapped. He leaves the key to Keiro
and Attia, who managed to escape before they could be seen. Finn meets three
elderly sisters who decide to sacrifice him to the beast of the village. He and
Gildas are saved by Keiro and Attia, and the group climbs aboard a flying
ship that belongs to another Sapient, Blaze. Claudia moves from her home
to Queen Sia's castle a few days before the marriage. She also finds out that
Giles is alive and is in Incarceron, whom she believes can only be Finn. Attia tells Claudia that her father actually 'adopted' her from
Incarceron. Furious, Claudia pushes Jared to find Incarceron.
Finn realizes that the ship is flying towards the Wall at the End
of the World. The group lands on the cube of the wall and finds
themselves deep within the prison. Claudia discovers the entrance
to Incarceron and decides to go inside the prison on the day of her
marriage. Her absence at the marriage enrages the queen as Lord
Evian decided to attack her (though it was only a small wound) and
killed himself after. Claudia finds Finn in the prison, and realizes that she can only bring
one person back. Therefore, Finn promises the others that he'd return
for them, and is taken to the Realm. Claudia's father announces to the
public that Finn is Giles, and that the real prince has returned. Yet again,
the queen is furious but she hides her anger and fakes her happiness at
Giles' return. With that, Finn must form himself into Giles as well as find
a way to help Attia and Keiro escape. M I C H E L L E CUI
P E R I O D 4
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