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The Argument from Change

One of the twenty arguments for the existence of God

Maxwell Bohlmann

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Argument from Change

By Maxwell B., Omar S., Elly S. The Argument for Change The World... Objects in Actuality Nothing changes itself Counter Argument To Change or not to change What does it do well? What does it not do well? The world we live in is constantly changing. We know an object can become what it is meant to, but it is not actually that thing yet. Things that move by themselves, like humans or animals, are controlled by their desire or will. No matter how many things might take up an object's lifespan, each of them needs an outside force to actualize the potential that it has. "Things 'change themselves' all the time. The only changes in a physical system that aren’t examples of the system 'changing itself' are caused by something outside the system. So Kreeft would have to assume that there is something 'outside the universe' in order to prove that there is something outside the universe." -George Locke It shows there has to be an outside influence on our universe, so this could be "God." It does not give any concrete evidence for God's existence. When something enters into a certain form, it cannot bring itself into that form. Until the object comes into being, it is not that object yet.
It only has the potential to become that object. It exists in one form while having the potential to become its final form It will exist in that final form, just not right now. When the object dies, the molecules still exist, but there is no longer any desire or will to move it. http://www.asktheatheists.com/questions/778-whats-the-best-way-to-deal-with-lists-like-twenty-arguments-for-the-existence-of-god/)/ Universal Change The whole universe is, in the process of change, the sum total of all moving things. If there is nothing outside our universe, then it cannot change. Since our universe does change, there must be something in addition to our world. This argument is invalid because every change must have a source, even if the source is from within. Potentiality cannot be achieved without actuality. This is needed for the universe to change. "Unless there is a First Mover, there can be no motions. To take away the actual is to take away the potential." -http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/motion.shtml Aquinas' Four Causes Material Cause - According to this Argument, the universe is made up of matter, time, and space. Formal Cause - The universe's shape may have been crafted by the big bang or an outside force. This one is debatable. Efficient Cause - An object cannot change without some force acting upon it. Final Cause - The purpose of our universe is unknown, but the things that are in our universe; their purpose is probably to survive. If something is always changed by something else, then is this outside force being influenced by something else.? By itself, this argument offers no actual proof.
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