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People of the Civil War

All the people in the civil war

connor nguyen

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of People of the Civil War

People of the civil war Presidents Assasins Army Guys other people John Wikes Booth more people Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis General Robert E. Lee Even Stonewall Jackson Ulysses S. Grant How many ? Killed Abraham
Lincoln in Fordes
Theater on April 14, 1865 16th president who was in
office during the Civil War President of the
Confederate States
of America. First and only
president of the Confederacy Comanding General of
Confederate states. Won
the early battles in the war The second most well known
General in the Civil war.
Best known for his win at the
Battle of Bull Run Comading General for the Union. Later became the 18th president. By:Connor Nguyen Thanks for watching! Harriet Tubman An escaped slave
and abolishionist, Harriet
Tubman became a Union spy A black lawyer that contributed to the abolishionist cause Fredrick Dougelas That's all
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