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It Only Looks Easy

No description

Elexis Buchanan

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of It Only Looks Easy

It Only Looks Easy
Cheddar- the family dog
kaita-owner of Cheddar
Mom-is the mom of Kaita
big sister-the sister that feels sorry for yelling at Cheddar
in the suburbs of Michigan in a small town... no SPESIFIC added
Kaita steels a bike to check on her dog whom got run over by a old women after the child gets the note she left on her bike. the mom gets in the situation and was going to take Katia to court... then before she does that shes finds out that high schoolers stole the bike that was alredy stolen. and hid it in a river where they find a whole bunch of bikes. they go to jail the girl gets her bike back and Katia gets cheddar back
theme/central idea
its mostly about cheddar. he started the mess with the old women running him over. then Katia steels the bike... i know because it was talked about in most of the story untill the end where the story wraped up
info of the book
it only looks easy is a fun adventurist book about a girl that has a dog named cheddar. Cheddar went out sided to go to the bathroom and gets hit by a car. by a women with Alzheimers.
resolution/problem solving
the problem was the dog got ran over and almost died but got healed by surgery
the family dog got ran over and a old lady was getting really sick
its sad but fun and adventures because Katia steels a little girls bike
protagonist/Katia steels a bike gets the police involved
antagonist/Katia get to help a old lady in need
the point of veiw is 1st person because it uses i's and mys
the tone is very exciting because u never know whats going too happen.
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