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What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

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Megan Malcolmson

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Survey Monkey Questionnaire
From my focus group, i learnt that my target audience like a mixture of different music genres, however they are more persuaded to watch a music video if it is intriguing/creative.
Focus Group

From this survey, I learnt that my music video is appealing to my target audience as the majority answering the questionaire were within my target audience and also the majority thought that my music video was appealing.
Smart Monkey
I learnt that sharing my questionaires on facebook gave an advantage to responses as i got a large response rate and also none of it was biased because i did not know who answered the questions. I also used facebook as i know alot of my friends are my age, which is useful as 16-20 year olds are my initial target audience.
Overall, from this question i learnt what font my target audience perfered, this was useful for my ancillary texts as I found out which font would attract my audience more, it seemed my audience perfered the bold text as it stood out most to them.
Font Questionaire
From asking my Mum and Daisy how effective my products were, overally i learnt that my products were using continuity through the use of colour, images, font and theme. Therefore this shows that I have successfully combined all 3 products by using the similar conventions of each form.
Effectiveness of my combination of all 3 products.
To appeal to my target audience throughout, I used questionnaires for my products, did focus groups on music videos/how my target audience consume music videos and I asked peers whether my work appealed to them during the proccess. This way I appealed to my target audience as I kept doing bits of research to make sure during the proccess that they like the product, as if they did not like the product in the proccess, it would not appeal to them when it was finished.
What i did to appeal to the target audience?
I conducted a focus group for the audience of my AS media product, there is the transcript below;.
I asked the students some questions to see if my magazine was successful in aiming at my target audience and this is what they replied;
1) Looking at the front cover would you be interested in buying the magazine?
All 3 of the students said yes.
2)Do the promotional offers interest you and why?
Student 1= Yes because they apply to both genders
Student 2= Yes because they stand out
Student 3= Yes because they appeal to a young target audience
3) Do the stories interest you?
All 3 of the students said yes
4) Looking at the color scheme would you say it applies to women, men or both genders?
All 3 of the students said both genders.
This was a successful focus group as i found the it related to my target audience.
Question one was a success as i found all the students (in the E band) were interested in buying the magazine, this meant the magazine interested and caught the eye of the audience i was aiming at.
Question two was a success as I found the promotional offers I put in the magazine such as Leeds fest applied to the E band, and they were interested in it as the target audience found the promotional offers applied to both genders, stood out and appealed to a young target audience.
Question three was a success because the stories interested the students (Band E). This is good because it means the stories draw in my target audience, so they are more likely to want to buy the magazine.
Question four was a success because the students said the color scheme applied to both genders. This is good because I wanted to have both genders to read the magazine so then it will have a bigger audience.
Overall, I think my target audience applied to the magazine as I put it to the test in a focus group and I found positive results from it as my target audience was interested in the magazine.
(the Link)
What did i learn from my questionaires in my AS year?
As you can see from the focus group, there is influence from peers on others answers. From this I learnt that if i was to do a focus group again, i would do it individual so that there is no influence on others answers. I adapted the individual focus group when making my second year focus group so that there was no influence and it was the persons own opinion. I found when i did a individul focus group, the participant was willing to say more as comparing both replies ofthe First and Second focus group, April and Connor said more than the 3 in the first focus group, perhaps this was because there was no one to judge their opinion.
How did i adapt and make it better for my second year?
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
Overall, from this questionnaire, i learnt what genre was most popular and how the audience consume music video's. I adapted this to my own music video as I knew to upload my video on youtube and also to share it on social media to encourage the target audience to watch the music video.
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