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Bringing Fantasy to Fruition

No description

Lavina Bond

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Bringing Fantasy to Fruition

Bringing Fantasy to Fruition
Beautifully Annoying Inscription
The Bleeding
Flying off the shelves of Barnes and Noble is my only dream. I will use my writing to help others who have been through difficult struggles. I will bleed for my characters to get out every emotion no matter how much those emotions and actions torment me. I will understand the compromises I have to make to get published other than compromising my voice and writer integrity. Once I am published I will move to Big Sur to hike, lay on the beach, and write everyday.
Hurston had humble beginnings and had to leave home at the age of fourteen. Through all of her trials, she wouldn't allow anything to stop her from finishing high school and going to college. Hurston's most difficult obstacle ironically was she wasn't accepted by the black community because her characters were carefree and she brought a lot of humor.
While her works were incredibly well-written many critics ostracized her because she didn't focus on the black struggle. In her career she wrote four novels, the most famous being
Their Eyes Were Watching God
. She is one of a handful of folklore artists publishing two books of folklores. She also wrote five plays and numerous short stories. Despite her extensive writings that were published, Hurston died penniless and alone in a welfare home where she had lived for a long time.
The best way for an artist
to get famous is to die.

Rising from the ashes was the theme of my Character Analysis.
Melinda from
by Laurie Halse Anderson definitely rose from the ashes to overcome being raped and ostracized to literally pulling herself out of the ashes by getting to emotional stability and freedom of living out her dream.
Twyla from
"Recitatif" by Toni Morrison also rose fro

ashes and maybe one character who embodies the
definition of The American Dream. While never beco
ng wealthy, Twyla came from a dysfunctional home of
eing a stripper and Twyla never having much food.
akes sure to have an honest living and lives comf
wealthy, but comfortably with her husband a
son. She lea
s to be happy and stable which few peopl
e e
ver achieve.
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