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Ella Martone

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Ella Martone Surviving the Applewhite's characters Jake Semple Destiny Applewhite E.D. Applewhite Randolph Applewhite Winston (the dog) Cordelia Applewhite Jake is the main character in the book Surviving the Applewhites. He is not a very good kid, and he is very naughty and mean. Since he was kicked out of all schools in Rode Island he had to move in with the Applewhite's. Jake is deffinitly a dynamic character and changes a lot in the book. When he comes to Wit's End he is not a very nice kid at all and smokes, a lot. In the end of the book, he stops smoking, and is a very nice person. Destiny is the youngest Applewhite and is a very curious kid. In the beginning of the book, he wasn't scared of Jake even when everyone else was. Destiny thought Jake was "cool" and tried to be just like him. I think Destiny is a static character and does not change during the book. Destiny is also one of the main characters in the play during the book. E.D. is also one of the Applewhite's. When Jake arrives at Wit's End E.D. hates him and wants nothing to do with Jake Semple. E.D. is mostly focused on school, and wants to be a scientist when she grows up. During the book, she is always trying to compete against Jake to find different types of butterflies. E.D. is a dynamic character because she changes a lot during the book. She stops having her life revlove around school and decides she likes to act and sing. Randolph Applewhite is the father of the Apllewhite children, and the director of the play the Sound of Music. Randolph is a static character and does not change. He is a funny, impatient, and creative person. Randolph also gives Jake the lead role in his play showing that he believes in Jake. Cordelia is one of the Apllewhite children and loves to dance. She even started her own dance academy at Wit"s End. Jake likes Cordelia, but is always afraid to tell her. Cordelia also helps with the choreography and costumes for the Sound of Music. She is a static character in the book, and does not change during the book. Winston is the Apllewhite's dog. He loves Jake when he gets there, and follows him everywhere he goes. Winston doesn't talk (obviously) and does not change during the book. The author does not explain any of Winston's characteristics, so it is hard to describe him.
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