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A Prezi on How to Use Prezi

No description

Katheryn Willard

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of A Prezi on How to Use Prezi

A Prezi on How to Use Prezi
Add Content
Links and Animations...
Completed Prezi
Getting Started
Choose a License
Ta Da - Your Home Page!
Choose a Template
Firstly - Unlock the Canvas
Secondly -Choose a Theme
Customised Theme
Draw a Frame for Your Content
Adjusting a Frame to Suit Content
Adding an Image/Text into the Frame
Add a Title to your Presentation
How to Insert a Diagram...
How to Insert an Image...
Click to add text
Click to add text
How to Insert a Shape...
... just double click and start writing!
Link frames using arrows
Unmapped Prezi
How to Animate Your Frames...
How to use: 'My Collection'
Adjust size
Alter style
How to add a graphic to 'My Collection'
How to Insert a Powerpoint...
Presenting a Prezi - Basic Presentation
Online Presentation
Share Your Prezi...
Click on the frame and hover the mouse at the bottom, the box will appear. Then choose what you want in the frame.
Adding Text and a Picture to a Frame
text size
invert colours
bullet points
But you don't need a frame to write -
First you need to create a Prezi account...
As long as you don''t mind your presentations being public!
Enter basic details to create the account
To create a new Prezi, click the 'New Prezi icon at the top or side
If you hover the mouse over the right-hand side, a lock icon will appear, click to unlock and begin your Prezi.
So you have chosen your template, but there are still many themes to chose from.
And if you don't find a suitable theme, you can design your own!
Use the 'Insert' icon at the top of the screen. Either upload an image or search Google.
Use the 'Insert' icon.
There are so many to choose from!
Insert slides from existing PPT's!
'My Collection' is an online database of saved slides/images/diagrams from previous Prezi's and public Prezi's.
Save parts of your Prezi for easy access in future presentations.
Click on the pen icon and then click on the frames in the order in which you would like them presented!
Right-click on the frame in the left-hand path column, then click animate frame.
Present straight from the edit screen.
How to Edit the Prezi Path
Adding frames into a Prezi automatically updates the predetermined Prezi path. Once your Prezi is complete, delete the path and design your Prezi route!

To edit the Prezi path - click on the pen icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
How to Edit the Prezi Path - Delete Everything First
To delete the path, or parts of the path, hover over the frame and click on the red cross in the top right-hand corner. To exit the mapping app click on the pen again.
How to Create a New Path for Your Prezi
Now you will have an unmapped presentation.
Firstly, add a title to your Prezi!
Depending on your data, you may need further frames. To add these, go to 'Insert' 'Draw ........ Frame'.
Once you have drawn your frame, you can alter its composition and style. To add content, click 'Zoom to Frame'.
Click 'Replace Image' to add your own graphic and 'Click to add text' to add your content.
Click 'Frames and Arrows', then draw your arrow.
To highlight, click 'Frames and Arrows', then 'Highlighter'.
Download Your Prezi...
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