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Sexual Harassment in School and ISP

No description

Sarah Daly

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Sexual Harassment in School and ISP

Sexual Harassment
in School and ISP What is it?
Can be sexual in nature
Might make someone feel uncomfortable
Between males and females or people of same gender
Verbal, nonverbal, electronic or physical Various forms:
Written comments or pictures
Propositions or requests
Subtle or obvious touching
Spreading rumors about someone's sexual behavior

Inappropriate in school?
Detracts from work
Allows for judgment from others
Becomes objectified
Loss in trust from colleagues
Stresses relationships
Image of program/school can suffer

Don't Risk It!
Remain professional
Avoid physical contact
Think before you speak
Be aware of those around you
Are these examples of
sexual harassment? A male student approaches a female student from behind and his hand brushes her chest. A student makes a joke about homosexual behavior. The group of friends laughs, but other students overhear. A student kisses another student, and it appears to be welcome. The second time he tries to kiss her, she refuses, but he kisses her anyway. Two students who are dating make out in front of other students and constantly have physical contact, making other students uncomfortable. A student sends a picture of herself to her boyfriend and he sends it to his friends. Your TASK:
In groups of no more than 6, identify behaviors or actions that may be considered inappropriate, unprofessional, and/or sexual harassment. However:
do NOT name specific names/identifying characteristics!
keep it clean (school appropriate)!
make sure it's relevant to this discussion
be sure you can identify why they are wrong
You will have 5 minutes to brainstorm, and we will share out as a group. Reporting of Sexual Harassment
Report to a teacher immediately
Teacher refers to Mr. Lampman
Mr. Lampman reports to Assistant Superintendent
Consequences include:
criminal charges
sex offender status (in extreme cases)
In "the real world," sexual harassment can end careers!
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