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Ericka Dollar

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Energy

1. Bellwork

2. Review Bill Nye

3. Finish any bookwork

4. Start scavenger hunt
Scavenger Hunt #1
1. ------- are made up of decayed plant and decomposed animals.

2. Electricity became available around ------.

3. Natural gas was first used for ------- in homes.

4. The cave man used ------- for heating and cooking because it burned longer than --------.

5. Alexander the Great burned ------- to scare away his enemies' elephants.

6. Fossil fuels orginially got their energy from the --------.

7. The first steam electric station was opened by ------- on September 4, 1882.
Scavenger Hunt 2
1. ------- plants are used to make electricity from dams.

3. The problem with -------- plants is they have radioactive waste which is very poisonous to living things.

4. Farmers have used ------ energy for many years to pump water from wells.

5. -------- is usually thought of as garbage.

6. When you hang clothing out to dry you are using ------ energy.

7. -------- comes in many forms and is hard like a rock.

8. Energy from the ocean waves is anther form of ----------.

Video Break
Videos: Watch the following videos with your headphones. Write a 3 sentence summary for each video.

Energy Research Challenge

Video Break
Video: Watch the following videos with your headphones.
Scavenger Hunt
Fractionation and distillation
Crude oil
Coal Mining
US Energy:
Visit site and look at map
Scavenger Hunt #1
8. ------ is liquid energy found between layer of rock.

9. The four types of coal are ------, ------, ------, and ------.

10. The first commercial oil well in the United States provided petroleum from which ---- was made.

11. The ancient Egyptians used ----- to preserve mummies.

12. ------ was used to run small engines and was the major fuel of trains and ships.

13. Electricity is made when ------ is burned to heat water which makes steam and generates electricity.

14. -------- was first discovered in Illinois in 1673.

15. Burning ------- produces most electricity in Illinois.
Scavenger Hunt 2
9. An ----- pipeline brings energy from Alaska to the rest of the US.

10. Magma is hot, liquid rock that makes ------- power possible.

11. Energy generated from a power plant on the Illinois River would be --------.

12. ------- energy can be recycled into paper and fertilizer and is not harmful to the environment.

13. You can't see or smell --------.

15. --------- means "earth heat" and is as old as the world itself.

16. -------- is a liquid energy found between rock layers.

17. One of the earliest forms of energy from heating was ----------.

18. Coal oil and natural gas are ------------.

Challenge: Complete challenge for bonus points on test.
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