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No description

Roland Postma

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Preston

Preston: a suburban vacuum?

1. Accessibility
2. Multi-model transportation
Urban form
and role of the tram

or discriminatory?
"...only a mere 100 low-floor accessible trams are in operation in Melbourne’s tram fleet of 487 cars."
Enhance tram capacity and role?
Multi-model transportation

Built form car-centric and discriminatory
Public transportation not fully in-sync.
No quality public space
tyler street
dundas street
86 tram route
Depleted, Depopulated and Diminshed vacuum?
Unless otherwise indicated, images and video included in this presentation were created by Roland Short, Roland Postma & Ryan Corttell @ Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Diverse housing

The En
Libraries, business incubators, sport facilities, etc.
and walkable
over-reliance on commercial activities
community facilities
residential intergration
grade separation
by Roland Short
Roland Postma and
Ryan Cottrell
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Woodstock, I. (2016) 'Week 4: Transit Urbanism'. ARCH1061_1610 Urban Design and Planning. Available at: http://breo.beds.ac.uk (Accessed: 3 April 2016). - See more at: https://lms.rmit.edu.au/bbcswebdav/pid-7164581-dt-content-rid-15760285_1/courses/ARCH1061_1610/ARCH1061_2016_TRANSIT_URBANISM_R.pdf.
(Victorian Government 2015)
(Google Maps 2016)
(Google Maps 2016)
(Google Maps 2016)
(Google Maps 2016)
('Townville' cited in Woodstock 2016)
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