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Let's Eat!

ESL lesson looking at global cuisine and cooking verbs.

Dan Mahony

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Let's Eat!

Let's Eat! step two step three step one Let's cook dinner! Ingredients Food from
around the world Teach me! Let's Eat! cooking verbs Kimbab Kimchi Jjigae Pajeon Kimchi
Fried Rice Bibimbap Pasta alla Carbonara Poutine Kebab Blini Chilli con Carne Before we can cook a meal, we need to buy the ingredients.

These are the foods we use to make a meal. cut slice chop peel add pour stir mix mash boil fry bake steam How Long? verb + until + adjective verb + for + time Finished!
Let's Eat! step four To recommend other food which tastes good with this meal, we can say serve with... e.g. serve with fries
serve with rice bake for 10 minutes fry until brown ingredients cheese
olive oil pasta
pepper ingredients potatoes
vegetable oil
beef gravy powder
cheese ingredients minced lamb
minced beef
onion garlic
rice ingredients flour
butter sugar
sour cream
caviar ingredients pepper
rice minced beef
chili powder
sour cream I will show you some traditional Korean dishes I would like you to tell me what the ingredients are and how to make it using cooking verbs. fries
peel the potatoes
cut the potatoes into long, thin pieces
fry the potatoes in vegetable oil until crispy

cut the cheese into small pieces

add hot water to the beef gravy powder

add the cheese to the fries
pour the gravy over the cheese and fries meat log
peel the onion and garlic
chop the onion, pepper and garlic.
add the minced beef, minced lamb and spices
leave in the fridge overnight
make the meat mix into logs
grill for 8 minutes

serve with rice, bread and grilled vegetables grill blini (pancakes)
mix the eggs, sugar, and salt
add the flour into the bowl and stir
pour the milk into the bowl
mix until smooth
add a little butter to the pan
pour in the blini mix
fry for 1 minute
turn over and fry for 1 minute

serve with sour cream and caviar, jam or mushrooms chili
peel the onion and garlic
chop the garlic, pepper and onions
fry the vegetables in the pan
add the minced beef and chili powder
fry until brown
chop the tomatoes
add the tomatoes and beans
cook for 10 minutes then leave for 10 minutes

serve with sour cream, rice and tortilla chips sauce
mix the eggs, cheese, cream and olive oil in a bowl
heat the sauce

slice the bacon into small pieces
fry the bacon

boil the pasta for 10 minutes

add the bacon to the cheese sauce
pour the sauce over the pasta

serve with garlic bread
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