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Why should you move to the Connecticut Colony?

No description

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Why should you move to the Connecticut Colony?

You need a wonderful place to live:?
Why not here?!

Freedom of Financial Opportunities
We've got a treat for you fisherman!!!
Ladies I know some of your husbands bug you all the time. Well down here we have a tip.Keep them on the lake! The men down here can catch good grub.The fisherman love it from peaceful air to clear meadow water.It keeps everyone peaceful and calm.
Have you ever wondered what beautiful land Connecticut has?Well that's why I'm here.I want to tell you all about what beautiful land and river Connecticut has. The main reasons why you would come to Connecticut is for Financial Freedom.That means any one who want's to vote has the freedom to do so. You won't have to own land or anything.All people will have equal rights including you!
The settlement
The colony was founded in 1636, by Thomas Hooker .Hooker was a English Colonist who left the Massachusetts Bay Colony for better farm land.
What religion does the colony practice?
Connecticut Colony has great missions, cabins/houses,and jobs.Why not move here.Its a great place to raise your child.The child would benefit from it because they would learn the Christian way.
Why should I move to the Connecticut Colony?
Connecticut Colony is known for it's jobs,farming,fishing,
and beautiful river. Some examples are of jobs are fisherman,farmer,blacksmith,preacher,carpenter,barber,tailor,and
grocer.All these jobs are needed to take care of the colonies every day needs.
In some colonies poor men or men that did not own land would not be able to vote.They wanted freedom over who could vote rich or poor could vote in the Connecticut Colony.

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