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Timeline of WW1 through the end of The Cold War

Timeline Epic Cool Awesome A+

Thanos Liam

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Timeline of WW1 through the end of The Cold War

Pressure builds The Assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand!!! THE GREAT WAR{S} The Great War{s}

A timeline of WW1 through Cold War
By Connor McCage Everybody wants their
piece of the pie. In the years 1400 through 1706 countries like Great Britain , Germany { although they did not come untill later} Spain, Portugal, and many others explored the world claiming land and creating colonies that would bring them great wealth and prosperity. However if you had a colony, you had to protect it. Countries built up great armies in order to protect these colonies from other countries. Then the other countries would build up better armies and then more countries would build up better armies and so on and so on. Soon armies were not enough and countries began forming alliances. Then strong feelings of Nationalism caused even more pressure. All it would take was one spark to set a war in motion. It was June 28, 1914 when Gavrilo Princip shot and killed the arch duke of Austria along with his wife. This Assassination set off a chain of events that caused Europe to declare war on itself. Let me explain more. The countries had created alliances so when one country declared war on another, it set off a chain reaction that made everyone take sides and go to war. This was the Beginning of World War 1 WORLD WAR 1 ERUPTS IN EUROPE In the summer of 1914 , many european men were not at the beach. Oh No!! They were in trenches fighting each other. There was the Triple Entente { France, Britain, and Russia} were fighting the Triple Alliance { Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.} Do not get me wrong, many other countries were fighting as well. World War 1 brought gasses and many other new and cruel weapons to the battlefield. The only question was who would win??? AMERICA ENTERS THE FRAY The Treaty of Versailles WORLD WAR 1 IS OVER!!!! THE TRIPLE ENTENTE HAS WON P.S. Not Santa { I do not know where that poster is from but it cracks me up whenever i see it. It is April 6, 1917 and America just entered the war on the side of the triple entente . But will they be able to help win it. The triple entente has suffered many losses. Will America be able to turn that around???? The Treaty of Versailles ended the war between the allied powers and Germany. It punished Germany by making it accept that the war was their fault, making them pay 6 billion pounds to the U.K in order to pay off the damages, they had to give up all their colonies, and the Rhine was to be occupied by allied solders for 15 years. But hey the war is over , even if mostly innocent people of Germany are losing their jobs and their homes. but it is still a good thing right??? RIGHT???? It was signed on June 28, 1918. The Roaring Twenties Black Tuesday The Great Depression Alphabet Soup The New Chancellor of Germany The Rise Of Nazism WORLD WAR 2!!!!!!!! The Bombing of Pearl Harbor AMERICA JOINS WW2 D-Day!!! The End of WW2 The Berlin Wall Cold War part 1 Cold War part 2 The Fall of The Berlin Wall/End of the Cold War!!! That's all Folks!!! The Roaring Twenties was a period of great prosperity. The Roaring twenties happened in the early 1920's. During this time movies became popular, televisions were invented, and more and more people were able to buy cars. It was an eruption of culture and happiness. One cause of the Roaring Twenties was the Stock Market. People invested and businesses boomed but the happy times were coming to an end.
Anyone who bought stocks in mid-1929 and held onto them saw most of his or her adult life pass by before getting back to even.
—Richard M. Salsman[3] Black Tuesday happened in late October. It is the most devastating stock market crash in world history. People in the 20's had so many stocks that when it crashed they almost lost everything. Then people panicked and removed all their stocks. Then those businesses went bankrupt and could not afford to pay workers. Soon people were living on the streets. The Great Depression happened between 1930 and the middle of the 1940's. During this time millions of Americans were on the streets , without food and shelter. They could not take care of themselves let alone their families. Meanwhile in West America, great dust storms ravaged crops and homes. Double Meanwhile, across seas Europe was affected because they traded with the U.S. In Germany {still ravaged by the Treaty of Versailles}
Aldolf Hitler promised change and a New Germany , and was elected chancellor{ more on that later.}. Will we ever get out of this depression??? When a Roosevelt is elected you know he is going to get the job done. Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated into office on March 4, 1933. He proposed New Deals {Nicknamed Alphabet Soup}
that put hundreds of thousands of people back to work. America was getting back on their feet again, but there was trouble brewing in Europe. The Holocaust The Holocaust was the mass murder of Jews and whoever else Hitler did not like.{1938-1945} They would starve the jews and when they had had their fun,they would say that they were going to take a shower while really,they were just gas chambers. Jews were also herded into Ghettos, which were slums that had people starving. This was disgusting and cruel. Words can not describe this evil. There was a new Chancellor in town. On August 2, 1934 Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. He was a war vet from WW1. He promised a better and "Freer" Germany. With his election, another group came into the Germanic government. Hitler was the leader of a group called the Nazi's. They promised change, but maybe it was to much change. Hidden Slide
LIFE AFTER DEATH!!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA After the election of Hitler, the Nazi's power began spreading through Germany. {1934-1944} They started to invade countries like Poland. However they disliked jews and began sending them to Holocausts{ more information on next slide} This would eventually lead up to WW2. Citations
Wikipedia,wikianswers,google images, and WorldWars.com WORLD WAR ZOMBIE!!!!!!! In 1939 World War 2 erupts in Europe. It begins when Germany invaded Poland and then Austria-Hungary. Europe had to do something about that. Soon the allies and the axis were deadlocked into a hard and despairing war. Who would win??? Read on, constant reader. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed the Hawaiian harbor, named Pearl Harbor. They bombed Pearl Harbor, because Japan sided with the Nazis so America cut off all trade with them. The bombing of Pearl Harbor killed thousands. It is a truly a horrific day in American history. We have entered the war!!!! In December 8, 1941, America declares war on Japan and by that same token, the Nazi's and Germany. Will we be able to end this war or will we fall to the Nazi's iron grip. On the day of June 4,1944 the allied forces stormed the beach of Normady. The allies had just suffered a series of horrible losses and this was their last ditch effort to win the war. The Allies had to get to through the beach because they needed to get through western Europe,so they could invade Germany. The Nazi's stood at the top of the hill, with heavy machine guns, gunning down the allied forces. But we pressed on and stormed the beach while crushing the opposition. We won the battle but can we win the war???? SUCCESS!!! VE day {Victory in Europe day}. World War 2 ended in August of 1945. The Allies invaded Germany and defeated the Nazi's. Hitler evaded capture though{by putting a bullet through his and his girlfriend's brain.} It was not all happy though. Japan would not accept the terms of surrender, so the United States dropped two nukes on the Japanese capital of Nagasaki. VE DAY!!!!! After WW2, Berlin{the capital of Germany} was o be divided into four parts. The countries that controlled those parts were The Soviet Union,America,France,and the United Kingdom. However The Soviet Union had a communist government and disagreed with the U.S. government. They began to argue and bicker. They could not settle their differences so they split Berlin in half and in some ways split Germany in half. They put up a wall in between East Germany and West Germany. This would lead up to the Cold War which was a period of great tension between the U.S and The Soviet Union. This all happened at the 1945 Yalta conference,minus the splitting up. The Cold War was a period of Great Tension between the Soviet Union and the United States. It lasted between 1945 and 1991. Though the war never got "Hot", both sides had amassed enough Nuclear Bombs to blow up the world 14 TIMES!!! Part 1 will cover 1945 through 1971. In 1950 NATO was formed and China fell to Communist forces. During 1950-1953 North Korea and South Korea were locked in a war. They came to a stalemate. In 1954 the CIA led a coup to put Guatemala Dien Bien Phu under non communist control. In 1955 the Warsaw pact was signed. In 1958 Congress passed the National Defense Education Act. In 1962 we had the Cuban Missile Crisis which was the closest point in which we almost had nuclear warfare. What happened was the Soviets tried to place nuclear missiles on Cuba as a deterrent. The U.S would not allow this for legal reasons. This led to a standoff between them until Russia turned around and went home. In 1969 U.S.A was the first one to the moon, therefore winning the space race between them and The Soviet Union. In 1978, Soviet powers seized control of Afghanistan, within months East Afghanistan started an uprising that led to a Civil War. America almost got involved but decided against it. By this point communism was losing it's foot hold in Russia/Soviet Union because of policies like Perestroika and Glasnot. The Cold War was slowly coming to an end and so was the Soviet Union. All it would take was one push. The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989. The Fall of the Berlin Wall was considered the end of the Cold War. The Soviet Union collapsed and they went back to being Mother Russia. Protesters on both sides helped tear down the wall. After they tore it down parties broke out in the streets and massive celebrations were held. It was the end of communism { except for China and some other countries} in Europe. It was a joyous and happy time.
There you have it almost a hundred years of history in 23 slides.
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