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Effects of CybreBullying

Negative effects that come from cyberbullying!

kaleigh carter

on 9 December 2009

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Transcript of Effects of CybreBullying

Effects of CyberBullying children are becoming technologically savvy and looking to the internet and cell phones for intertainment What is really defined as cyberbullying?? Threatening emails revealing private or embarassing information sending mean comments over facebook or myspace posing as someone and sending false messages creating webpages to make fun of others What makes cyberbullying so distinct?? because students can target others 24 hours a day how many adults even know that their children have experienced this?? 58% of children that have been bullied online have never mentioned it to an adult these numbers are astounding, what are we doing to stop cyberbullying?? never give out passwords never exchange information with people you meet online delete people you dont know or dont get along with be careful what you say and what information you give out mim because of cyberbullying 13 million commit suicide a year! stop cyberbullying and let others be aware of the negative effects children are becoming technologically savvy and looking to the internet and cell phones for sources of entertainment what is cyberbullying defined as?
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