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Hero Project

My project on Walt Disney.

Chance Edison

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Hero Project

WALT DISNEY My Hero, Walt's YOUTH Born December 5th, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois.
Fourth Child of Elias and Flora Call-Disney.
Grew up in Marceline, Missouri.
Developed his love for drawing at a young age
Dropped out of High School,
Joined the Red Cross
First job was at O-Zell Jelly bean factory
Left Marceline to start animation career LAUGH-0-GRAMS Cartoon Studio created by Disney
Widely popular in Kansas City
Quite large staff
Couldn't handle the massive debt DISNEY BROTHER STUDIOS Moved to Hollywood, formed Disney Brothers Studios
Many great ideas sparked here
Studio popularity Skyrocketed after "Steamboat Willie"
Married Lillian Bounds (one of his animators) WORLD WAR 2 Sent to S.A. in 1941
Created Cartoons for the Military
Returned home in 1945 DISNEY's FIRST MOVIES Developed "Snow White" and "Bambi" in 1937
Developed first Live-Action movie "Treasure Island" in 1950
Cinderella premiered in 1953 DISNEYLAND Walt thought of Disneyland in 1947
Spent 5 years developing Disneyland
Created WED Enterprises to carry out plans
Grand opening: July 17, 1955.
My hero WALT'S DEATH December 15th, 1966
Lung Cancer
Purchased Land for Disney World Before death
WHY A HERO? THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Passed away December 15, 1966:(
Died of a Massive tumor covering his entire lung FAMILY Married to Lillian Bounds
2 Children, Diane and Sharon
7 Grandchildren
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